Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Jesse, Anders, and The Ordinary


Recently, one of the older kids asked me about a possible visit to the zoo. Before I could answer, Jesse broke in. With great passion he exclaimed, “I don’t like the zoo! I don’t want to go!”

“Why don’t you like the zoo?” I questioned (more than a little taken aback).

“Because it’s hot, and we stay there a long time, and it’s just no fun.”

“But,” I pressed, “don’t you like the animals?”

“Well,” he said (with only the briefest pause) “nope.”


During a cold snap last week Jesse said, “When I’m a dad, I think I might forget about my kids when they’re outside. I might forget to bring them in at night time.”

Yah. I know. I did that with plant starts one time. It happens.


I was standing next to Jesse’s top bunk the other night – waiting for him to finish his bedtime prayer so I could tuck him in. Among other cool things he prayed, “We thank thee for my awesome mind.”



Daisy gave a little lesson for “Family Home Evening” the other night. (Monday nights are reserved around here for family adventures, discussions, or lessons.) She had created little cut outs labeled with words like “Pre-Mortal Life”, “Birth”, “Earth”, etc.

Addressing the younger kids she asked, “Does anybody know why we came to earth?”

“To have a hard life,” Jesse sighed.

Hahaha. Oh dear. I have tried to help my kids understand that part of our mortal experience will include dealing with difficult things, but perhaps I’ve hit that point home a little too strongly. Next lesson? 2 Ne. 2 : 25 “. . . men are, that they might have joy.”





“Anders? Did you go potty in your underwear?” I ask.

“Well,” he replies, looking down, “somebody did.”

I guess him. But, who knows.



I kind of feel like I should be posting something . . . rebirthy. You know: the new year, fresh starts, renewal, goals and the like.

But, I’ve just been changing diapers, and putting away Christmas, and staying up late with Mike to take care of life’s very non-special requirements such as: clearing everything out of our fridge and freezer so it can defrost for the repair man.

My mind has just been plodding along in its normal fashion, taking in its normal things; and I haven’t been struck with any thoughts of a new or goal orientated nature.

Instead, I suppose, I’ll just look for motivation and story-line in the ongoing and ordinary. Finding inspiration in the fridge might be difficult, but the rest of the ordinary? Surely I can find some things there. Stay tuned.



Gayle Harris said...

Such delightful snippets of your life with the children!!! I also love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Marilyn said...

"Somebody did." Hahahahaha! Sweet boy. And, I have to agree, one of the perils of parenthood is sometimes forgetting about your kids. Happens to me more frequently than you might think. :)

Nancy said...

Marilyn, one time, we were just driving away from a family dinner at my parents' when I was like, "Wait! Turn around! I forgot our salad bowl!" It wasn't until running in to get the bowl that I noticed one of our children was still there. Awesome that I noticed the missing bowl but not the missing child!

jami v. said...

love the happenings at your house. and the photos. and i haven't visited for a while, and just read your bday post. (a very happy - very belated - to you.) thanks for your thoughts. i'm coming up on a birthday. a big one. that makes me want to cry because it feels so old. but i love your thoughts - and i needed them today. :) thanks ... and thanks for sharing the pics of your amazing little family that just keeps getting older. (but i guess that's what happens when we get older too.) they are adorable. every one of them. :)

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