Friday, August 23, 2013

Sherbet and Plans

Remember when I used to cry my eyes out all the time because Dreyer’s suddenly got too good for Swiss Orange ice cream?

Yah. I remember too. Those were rough times.

But, I’ve moved on. Only, by moving on, I don’t really mean like . . . moving on. I mean, of course, like finding a cheap substitution that will do (kind of like I’ll do if Mike ever leaves me).

Yes, a substitution has been discovered, and now, on many a night, our whole family can happily be found eating generic-brand orange sherbet with . . . are you ready? . . . a nice covering of Hershey’s hard-shell topping (and sometimes the Heath kind when we are feeling adventurous).

So, now that that is settled (I always wonder about double “that”s in a row, but sometimes it is the only word combination that will do) . . . anywho, now that that (the ice cream trouble) is settled -- completing my wholeness in almost every particular of life, I am ready to do . . . to do . . .  to do something.

I don’t know what that something is yet. Perhaps I need to challenge or stretch myself a bit. Although, as I typed “challenge”, it brought to mind physical challenges; and I realized my life isn’t actually all fancy-shmancy “whole” and complete after all. I’m still limping about and unable to run. (And, I often have the sneaking suspicion that I am, as yet, missing a child) so clearly I’m not . . . you know . . . completed. But, I’m complete enough for now. Or, maybe, just incomplete enough for now, to want to do something.

My writing has been boring me lately. I seem to write the same-old same-old sorts of things in the same-old same-old voice. Perhaps I need to try using some writing prompts?

Or . . . I haven’t been taking pictures of my kids every minute like I usually like to do. Part of that might be that I have started working on a slideshow Nativity with all the Primary kids in our ward (to be watched at our ward Christmas party). I have been doing weekly and bi-weekly shoots. Maybe that is zapping my energy? Maybe I just need to try something new to inspire and excite me? (Sorry, my non-Mormon friends, for using mormony lingo. A ward is a congregation. The Primary includes all the kids ages 18 mos – 12 years. We have about 60 of those in our ward.)

Or . . . Now that the kids are in school, maybe I should work on organizing clutter in our home? I like the idea of it. But then, it turns out, it isn’t actually any fun; especially when much of that clutter resides in our dark, cold, and unfinished basement.

Or, also, I was thinking I might do none of those things, and, instead, just keep eating orange sherbet with chocolate.

And, because it feels lonely to post a pictureless post, here is one of the only kind of pictures I’ve been taking lately. One of the pics of my own Daisy for the slideshow:
I know. Christmas is a long way off. But I don’t want getting this done to make the holidays stressful. Besides. It’s warm outside right now. Much easier than having a group of little shepherds and angels wandering about in 20 degree weather like we’ve had in Nov. before.


Lara said...

Ah yes that restless place. It is familiar to me and visits every so often. Usually something makes its way into that space and I am temporarily satisfied. Good luck finding what that something is.

Linn said...

"Kind of like I’ll do if Mike ever leaves me."

Sweet chicken, you kill me.

And your writing makes me so very happy.

Michele Johnson said...

Ha Ha! Mine was Breyer's orange sherbet and vanilla checked ice cream doused in Hershey's chocolate syrup. WHY do they not make this anymore?! I can sometimes get my fix now with chocolate covered orange sticks, but it's not quite the same.

Sometimes I feel like my readers must think, "blah blah blah blah blah BLAH. Everything she writes sounds the same." I often wonder how I can get out of my narrative comfort zone and still produce something I find fulfilling. So I hear you about the writing. At the same time, though, I'm a huge fan of your posts. I've NEVER found your writing boring. I'd say you're CONSISTENT. And that's a good thing. As a reader, that consistency gives me a lot of security in knowing I will never waste my time reading your posts.

Perla said...

Oh, your slideshow wei be the best ever! Way better than mine. Except mine is our kids and the original so its still pretty cool.
I seem to remember that feeling of needing to create something or arrange or whatever that feeling is. But I haven't had it for quite awhile. I am always so tired. Anywho...thanks for calling me yesterday. Sort I didn't get back to you. Now its almost 1am so I better call you tomorrow. Love you!

Val said...

Your writing's not boring Nancy! But I know the feeling of wanting to do something new, I do that so often ;) Beautiful pic by the way!

Mike said...

Thanks all! And Michele, I like the idea of being consistent. I'll take it. Consistent sounds like a good thing to be. Shan, the slide show will be cute I believe, but, of course, it would be much much less grand if I didn't have your lovely script to follow!

Mike said...

Oops. Mike is actually me (Nancy) somehow signed in as my husband. :)

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