Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Worst Day Ever

“Mom?” Jesse just called from the other room.


“Sorry Mom, but this might be your worst day ever.”

“It might?” I questioned – somewhat alarmed. “Why might it be my worst day ever?”

“Because we can’t do my school time because I need to work on my vacuum. . . . So, sorry, that’s why it will be your worst day ever. (Pause.) I just mentioned that it would because . . . it would.”

IMG_1012_edited-2 (2)
(Jesse: pre this-weekend’s haircut)

Also, I got a taste of my own medicine yesterday when Penny was singing a little rhyme that went something like this, “Easy Peasy, Jesse smells weezy”; and I  helpfully added, “Or you could just say ‘Jesse is weezy’ – you know because of his asthma.”

Jesse suddenly chimed in with, “Easy Peasy, Mom has eczema!”


Lesson learned, Jesse. Lesson learned.

And now . . . a few pictures of Jesse after the haircut as well as some of the other weekend shenanigans from around these parts:



Shannon said...

Fabulous photos. The b&w of Jesse should win an award. If I had one, I would give it to you. And I love that he had to warn you about your day being the worst. Oh, and I also wish I was there when he was so clever with his eczema come back. You should have said, "touche!"

Marnie said...

Mike has a beard? Also, Anders hair has gotten much lighter. In one b&w pic. I thought he was Jesse. And we loved the funny exchanges! Move to NY!!

Nancy said...

Marnie, he occasionally grows it out for a week or so then gives it a shave; but this one has been going for . . . I don't know . . . a month maybe? And he is saying things like, "What if I grow it out for a year?" He doesn't seem fully committed to a year of beard-om, but we shall see . . .

Val said...

Cuteness in person!! I especially love the black and white photo :)

Gayle Harris said...

Sweet Jesse. How could anyone not love him. And I am fascinated by how his little mind works. I think he is a guy who will march to his own drummer, and I can't wait to see where it takes him.

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