Monday, February 25, 2013

What Have I Done!!!?


Weep. Weep. Weep.

Here was my Anders on Saturday morning:IMG_4454_edited-1

By Saturday afternoon, he looked something like this:

I don’t recall feeling so distraught by a first hair cut before. But with this one . . . well . . . I wanted to fall on my knees next to his little pile of shorn hair and cry, “Why! Why would you do such a thing to your own son? What kind of mother would ever remove such beautiful soft fluff!?”

The back was far too long. I knew it was coming. In fact I kept asking Mike to do it. He wondered if I wanted to take him someplace to have it done, but I insisted that he would just scream for whoever cut it and it would be best if we just buzzed it quickly here . . .

I spent the rest of the day, and the following day, wishing I could reverse time; wishing I hadn’t turned my baby into a little boy in one quick swoop.

Luckily his cousin Blaire sent him red moccasins on the same day. They softened the blow. (How could they not! Look at them!)

But until I get used to it, I just keep kissing him and hugging him and . . . missing him.

And telling him I hope he likes long hair . . . because we will never cut it again. . . .


Jana said...

I had to leave the convenience of my phone and iPad to come and tell you that I think he looks darling! Such cuteness! It's hard to say goodbye to baby sweetness but kind of fun too to see his "boy" come out. I like the new do! :)

Perla said...

This is just how I felt with Miles when we gave him a short cut and suddenly he was not only no longer a baby but he also had no more brown hair, it was completely blonde! I hardly recognized him and was sad sad sad even though that new boy was so very darling! Same with Anders. So cute. So sad.

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