Thursday, February 21, 2013

Root Beer and Cards

We don’t drink soda outside of the kitchen.

Definitely not in the front room.

And especially not while playing cards (balancing soda precariously -- picking up and discarding).

And, as a mother, I know consistency is crucial. Things can’t be fine one minute and forbidden the next. . . .IMG_4174_edited-1

Which is why I never bend the rules.

Never. No matter how darling the would-be rule breaker might be.

I am glad I never waiver in my strict adherence to rules. My rigid control. My kids know never to even question it. IMG_4236_edited-1

The End.


Shannon said...

You're the best mom ever. And that darling little beer drinking, card player, is the cutest thing in the world. I love the details of seeing marker all over her hands. I love that Penny!!!

Andrea said...

Hey, I just stopped by from MMB. I love this! It's nice to know that I'm not the only mom who bends the rules.

Mr.Mrs.Pack. said...

Hahaha I love you!

Jana said...

This might just be my favoritest post ever!

The Harbertson Family said...

This was THE BEST POST, a great reminder on so many levels! And I thought I was being a nice Mom by telling my boys that when they can finally dunk a basketball, and only then, that they too can then eat in the family room! Lol
I sure miss you and your family!

Nancy said...

Hahaa! Jenn, I love that they can eat in the living room when they can dunk a ball! I need more awesome rules like that!

Ashley said...

Nancy, Nancy, are just too...too...too something. I don't know how its possible for one person to be EVERYthing wonderful and good. Been playing some catch up on your blog and I'm laughing and almost crying and loving your pictures and your style and feeling grateful just to know you. Love everything about you. Do you offer classes in awesomeness?

Nancy said...

Oh Ashley. Thank you. Sometimes I am grumpy and snippy and totally . . . lame . . . but I love you best in all the world for these spectacularly wonderful comments!!! Love love love.

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