Saturday, January 5, 2013

Go Ahead. Knock Yourself Out.

Sometimes life seems to be full of can’ts. You can’t take that vacation just now, you can’t afford that purchase, you can’t accomplish that task with your available time, or run that race with your current injuries.

But then, every now and again, it simply hands you a fistful of cans!

Like . . . yes. Yes you can get those new light bulbs out and climb up on the table and unscrew the burnt out ones and screw in the new ones.IMG_2981_edited-1

Or, yes. Yes you can unscrew that toy and take the entire thing apart to try and figure out why it is not working properly.
And those are very happy times. Times when you can say things like, “My brain sure knows how to fix stuff. Mom, I was never fixing stuff, and then, . . . I started to fix stuff!” Times when you can revel in all the go-ahead-and-knock-yourself-outs that life has to offer.

1 comment:

Perla said...

Jesse is sooooo cool! I love that he loves to fix stuff! This is going to come in so very handy for you and I can't wait to see what vocation this boy chooses. Maybe it wil literally be fixing things for pay or maybe he will be like Guy and deliver babies--which is a special kind of fixing!--by day and also know how to fix everything else and build his own entire dream home.

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