Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Cup in the Heater Vent

Yesterday Anders dropped a cup down the heater vent under our sink. (Yes, the same heater vent that once claimed a whole potato). I tried my best to reach the cup but couldn’t (though I did retrieve two other toys that I hadn’t known were down there).

Penny and Jesse then made it their mission to rescue the cup.

They seemed certain that it would show up in one of the other vents in the house. When none of the other vents magically produced the cup, they turned to how-to books. The book they referred to was titled The Creature From My Closet, but, judging from the confidence with which Penny read it to Jesse, it was full of tips on retrieving objects from vents.

I listened as she read to him about locating and opening certain vents. Then I listened as she read to him about pushing a secret button under the couch to open a secret passageway to the vent. When Jesse got stumped by the absence of any clear secret button, they returned to the book for more tips, and I headed to my room to put a basket full of laundry away.

Several minutes later Jesse came to my room to report on their final fail-proof plan – a plan which involved dumping gallons of water down the vent under the sink to push the cup up through another vent.

Oh goodness. Thank the very heavens above that they told me this plan before executing it!

I talked them into waiting for Abe, who would be home from school at any moment, and who was known to have rescued vent-lost items for us before. Luckily Abe was able to use his magic rubber arm trick to somehow get the cup (though the potato’s whereabouts will forever remain unknown) and we were able to avoid the clever water plan.


Perla said...

Oh how I love that they were reading from a how to book. And yes, thank goodness they told you their brilliant plan. Poor cup.

Gayle Harris said...

I sure love reading your family's adventures on your blog!! I laugh out loud as I picture the event that has taken place. I can just see Penny reading to Jesse, and those two plotting and planning.

Marnie said...

Whenever there's a good Jesse story, I always read it to the kids. We're his biggest fans. And Penny's reading was priceless. I love your kids!

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