Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sleeping Penny


I sometimes joke that I love my kids best when they are sound asleep. Of course that isn’t really true. But when Mike called me up the other night to take a little picture of Penny (who had fallen asleep with the closet light still on) I had to admit that there is something about a sleeping child that allows you to reflect and be more strongly aware of their tiny perfectness a little more easily than when they are running around amidst the usual business and chaos of the day. It’s a nice little way to end the day – seeing them still and quiet (little fingers slightly curled, blankets or stuffed animals snuggled nearby, recently read books tucked half under them, and, occasionally – as was the case with Penny the other night -- things like a toy can of soup clutched tightly in their arms). I don’t truly love them better at those moments than the moments when they are awake, but I think I do realize, when they are so still and peaceful, exactly how much I love them – which is an almost painful amount.



Lara said...

I love these. It makes you want to reach out and stroke their hair or kiss a forehead. When you see your child peacefully asleep it opens that core love deep inside that you have for them. I guess its called unconditional.

Mr.Mrs.Pack. said...

Oh, she is just so precious! Although I won't experience with my own child for another couple months I must admit that I feel the same way when I watch Bryant sleep.

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