Thursday, March 15, 2012

Drumsy and Sparkle Continued

This boy:
has been at it again. (Only, for heaven’s sake, why on earth would I put THIS picture up of him? He’s playing a DS game! I should certainly not allow such things to be seen here, on my blog. You readers might think I’m an ordinary type of mother who lets my kids do things like . . . play DS games. But I deny it! This picture was a fluke. A moment of weakness. We don’t play things like that at our house. We don’t watch TV either. Or use the computer. We just read. And craft. Oh, and serve others. And then we just fill the rest of our time with studying encyclopedias. Oh! And the scriptures! Alright. That isn’t totally true, but they do only get a half hour of Wii/DS/TV – and only after they have completed their post-school homework and chores, so leave me be).

BUT! Moving on. Abe added another chapter to the Drumsy and Sparkle saga (after his initial prologue). But first, the prologue finished with the Drumsy and Sparkle coat of arms (which I thought was a pretty cool symbol for the super-hero version of Penny and Jesse):

And then the adventures really begin:

I love how I can almost hear sound effects as they hop from rock to rock, climb castle walls or take out the bad guys. Particularly impressive since they are only stick figures. Can’t wait to see what happens in chapter 2.

1 comment:

Perla said...

That is seriously so funny! Who knew? Abe is really talented at this comic strip thing. I love it!

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