Monday, March 19, 2012

Remember when I had a newborn? . . . like yesterday.

I still think of myself as someone who just had a baby (and I still kind of look like someone who just had a baby), so . . . what are we to make of these pictures?
No trace of newborn here.

I guess that’s the risk you run in blinking.

It is ridiculous that they grow so fast, and even though I’ve just seen it happen with my own eyes, I still don’t really believe it will keep happening that fast. Surely the next five and a half months won’t possibly seem to fly by as quickly as the first five and a half did? Silly me. I, of all people, should know that in a few tiny moments he will be running and talking and then tromping off out the door to head to Kindergarten. Goodness.


Gayle Harris said...

What adorable pictures! And look at those two teeth.

Lara said...

That drool shot is awesome!

Perla said...

Sweet sweet Anders! Is that 2 teeth I see? Its stupefying!

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