Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Little Changeling

First off: This baby of mine is all grown-up. (I wish all grown-up meant “sleeping through the night” – it doesn’t seem too . . . yet), but really. It makes sense that other peoples babies grow up (because, you know, you see them one day and they are one size and another day and . . . they are a different size), and, it makes sense that my other babies have grown up (because, well, they have). But it doesn’t seem to make one bit of sense that my current baby has grown up! I only had him yesterday – or maybe last week. And I was all scared about how hard newborns are and how I would ever get anything done and surely none of that has been thought through or thoroughly settled, so how is it he can be grabbing our faces with his little paws, and having his little eyes longingly follow the path of a spoonful of food as it makes its way to a family member’s mouth? How can he be sitting in a little bouncy toy or flipping himself onto his stomach when nobody is even watching to tell him he can go ahead and try to do that sort of thing now? I don’t know. I keep thinking somebody is playing tricks on me. Maybe he’s a little changeling. What does that mean? He was switched at birth and some other mythical creature’s baby put in his place? Is that what it means? Well, if it does, jokes on them. I’m keeping my little fast growing changeling!



Gayle Harris said...

Anders really does seem to be growing up quickly. (He is so adorable!) And now Jesse looks so old. Such cute little boys.

Perla said...

That is so nuts. Today Lila was like a complete grown toddler and it was astonishing! I love that last photo of his hand so so much!

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