Friday, February 24, 2012

Because Anders is often napping . . .

and the older three are often at school . . .

these two little ones make up a very large portion of my days.

Earlier today Jesse asked me if he could have “some lovely punch”. We did happen to have some Crystal Light fruit punch in the fridge. I’m not much of a punch drinker myself, so I couldn’t be certain, but I assumed it was probably “lovely” – as those things go. If you look closely . . . or not even closely at all . . . you will see the tell-tale signs of that lovely punch all over Jesse’s face. Also, his hair is growing out, which I guess means I would actually have to do something in order for it not to be craaaazy, but . . . well, but nothing. There his hair is.

Penny is playing with some sort of little toys in the room next to me just now. I have overheard several awesome things. At one point someone was asking someone else to marry them and being told, in no uncertain terms (and in a somewhat heartless manner) that the someone being asked “didn’t even LOVE” the someone asking. I have also heard this:

“Have you seen my girlfriend?”
”I don’t know. What does she look like?”
”She’s pink.”
”Oh yah, I think I know where she is.”

and this:

“WHY are you out of JAIL!? Come on. You are going BACK to jail. Again.”

and there are some sort of animals talking about monkeys being their best friends and about how much they love the rain and now someone is cruelly saying, “No one will let you out! You can’t scream loud enough! You can never get out.” The part about the rain and the monkeys and the pink girlfriend all seemed lovely, but this? Well, this is terrifying.

So. There you have it. What you have, I am not certain. It. Whatever it is. I am off to do the things that need doing. And, maybe, if I’m lucky, the things that want doing. Toodle-lou.

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Perla said...

Oh my goodness! Penny is so gorgeous!!! I love what they day all day.

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