Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Drumsy and Sparkle


That’s right. Drumsy and Sparkle. I don’t know how those names came to be. Only that they involved a sippy cup. And some pictures that were printed on that sippy cup. And Penny and Jesse each choosing which picture they were. And then, somehow, they became:


and Sparkle

Jesse, in particular, has been insisting that he be addressed as Drumsy the past few days. That is, when he isn’t insisting we acknowledge him as a baby. When he is a baby, we are to applaud him doing all the things that, interestingly enough, a certain other REAL baby is currently doing in our house. “Look, Mom, the baby is rolling over!” Drumsy will say, as he rolls from side to side. “Look, Mom, the baby is smiling” Drumsy will say as he smiles in what he assumes to be a baby-like manner. And we must all cheer and shout hoorays for baby’s accomplishments.

BUT, back to Drumsy and Sparkle. I was telling Abe that those names sounded like they ought to be part of some story or show: some grand adventure. The Adventures of Drumsy and Sparkle!

So, wasn’t I pleased, pleased and laughing quite loudly, when Abe later presented me with the very beginnings of a Drumsy and Sparkle comic strip!

Their real adventures today were a little less exciting (and mostly just included some glue and beans and a whole lot of spilled apple juice), but I can not wait for a continuation of the fictional adventures of Drumsy and Sparkle!


The San Diego Mills said...

Awesome! I love that their names are Drumsy and Sparkle and I really love that comic strip, such clever children you have!

Marnie said...

We all loved this. It inspired Eli to make a comic strip. I wish we lived close to you. Your kids are great influences.

Gayle Harris said...

I love how creative Penny and Jesse are, and I was so impressed by Abe's comic strip!

Perla said...

I'm glad that Sparkle has "no specific hobbies". I love that Abe made s comic strip! Awwwe-some!!!

Oysterblogger said...

Abe is talented which could be genetic, environmental or both but he does write a mean comic strip and he definitely has a voice, which is impressive at such a young age Love the drawrings too!

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