Friday, November 12, 2010

#8 -- Something That Makes Me Happy

Mike being home on Thursday for Veteran's Day; he and Abe building a chicken coop together.I love to see Mike build things. Everything is so perfect and right and knowing how to do it all seems so clear to him. I'll show the finished product when it is . . . well, just that -- finished.


marzee said...

Isn't there something just so appealing about men doing physical labor. And bonus points for when they do it with their children?

Jon raked the leaves with the kids the other day - their first time doing such. It was a big task as we have two huge maple trees in our front yard. They were out there for hours. And what did I do during their laborious task? Take pictures - what else?

Kelly said...

Would Mike come over and make a "bunny coop" for Nick? He really wants one...with bunnies of course.

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