Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bad Foot, Happy, Etc.

I am in such a pleasant and happy mood right now. I'm not sure why. My darn foot has been bringing me down. It was clear last December that this plantar fasciitis set in. I took a month off, but had already paid and signed up for a spring marathon and had to start trying to train a little. My foot couldn't take it though, so I had to forget the marathon (and the non-refundable entrance fee) and try to be patient and content with just minimal running.

That worked alright until April when it got terrible again. So . . . I pretty much stopped running til about August. But it hasn't felt good starting in again. Now we are getting close to a year! Is this going to stay with me forever? I really really wanted to sign up for another marathon that will be full probably in another month. Plus, I have a running partner!! Ever since not living close to my older sister Amy, I have mostly run alone. I've gone with groups here and there, but it has just never really worked with times I could go, etc. Now I run with a friend in my ward who is perfect for me! She runs my pace (maybe even faster -- which I like), she is super likable, and, I think could be coerced into training for something like a marathon with me (which would make those long runs so much more enjoyable!), alas, I am a minimalist runner at present.

A few weeks ago I gave in and paid for custom made insoles (basically orthotics -- with a cooler name), but they haven't helped at all. I just went and saw Mr. Orthotic (actually his name is Ben) again today. He messed around with the insert a little more and told me to wear them constantly for the next few weeks. He told me it has been months and months since he's had a case he couldn't help and that he wasn't big on letting me break his track record. We'll see.

And, I shouldn't be all complaints. I love to run and feel discouraged when I can't (especially when everyone I know seems to be doing big races, etc.), but some good has come of this. I've learned to try other things -- like spinning classes, weights, etc. that I've really enjoyed; and I think I will implement cross training into my routines even when I can run with ease. BUT! What does that have to do with anything?


I was just at that orthotic appointment today, which I mentioned only because I am feeling so un-bummed and happy despite orthotic-messed-up-foot day! It was nice visiting with my sister Amy after my appointment (she let Jesse and Penny come over while I went), and that made me happy. The weather is nice. I just got tickets in the mail to go to the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert and I LOVE Christmas music about as much as I love anything. It just feels like a happy day. And, that makes me want to let laundry sit while I do things I enjoy (which, at the moment includes typing this and that). So here I am! The above was all simply an introduction. Only . . . such a long introduction that maybe I'll just type whatever else I am going to type in an entire new post. Alright. New post.


Karen said...

I so love days like that. The days that the world could come to an end and really you would still be just fine.

I hope you foot cooperates with you so that you get to run the marathon you want to. Crossing my fingers and saying a little prayer for you.

BS and the Kids said...

Oh how I hate plantar fascitis!!! It really is miserable. I don't know if you remember that day we were shopping in the old city and I had to get a sheruit to take us back because my foot hurt so bad. I am sure you have heard all the tricks....but if not, here are a few, take ibuprofen religiously for a couple of days, but make sure you eat. Take a can and put it in the fridge, and when you have time pull it out and roll it under your foot to stretch out the muscles. Don't wear heavy shoes or flip flops (which I do anyway) and those orthotics. I only wear mine at work but they have helped a ton with my back among other things. So, really, wear your cute stylish tennis shoes every day with your orthotics in them! You can beat it!

Nancy said...

Sar! I DO remember that, but I did not remember that plantar fasciitis was your issue! It's funny how you never hear of something in your life, and then when you do, you discover all sorts of people have had it! Well, you give me some hope. I hate this and hope it will really ever ease up enough for me to be serious about running! I was gugn ho doing all the stuff you mentioned early on but have slacked off. I need to get crackin!!

BS and the Kids said...

I always felt so dumb that day. I thought "they probably think I am just making this up but I seriously cannot take another step!" I have issues with it all the time but that was by far the worst. I have to be really careful when buying my running shoes that it has enough arch support because there is no way I am running in un-cushioned orthotics! Some shoes will claim they have good arch support or feel like they do, but make sure it has extra in the arch area!

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