Tuesday, November 23, 2010

15, 16, 17! Getting Close to Done!

15. Something you are currently reading:
Well, it is quite the shame that I should be answering this question just now. It wouldn't be unheard of for just such a question to have found me at the ready with something of great interest to other potential readers. Sadly, I am momentarily in one of those lulls where I pick up a book here and there but find nothing that really sticks. I did grab this book in a moment of curiosity as I left my mother's house the other day. It is a children's book of sorts (though the writing is a bit older). From the cover alone you can tell it is from an age gone by, can't you? Still, the first 20 pages (which are all I have read) were charming enough. We shall see if it continues to be so or if it gets cast aside as well.

16. Your handwriting:
I tried to be honest here by finding a few things about the house that I had written before knowing it would be displayed for my blog readers to critique. I don't mind the look of my handwriting, but, I must admit that it does get a bit sloppy and quite difficult to decipher unless I am paying the strictest of attention. It might stem from my college days of note writing (sooo many notes to get down in so many classes), or perhaps it has something more to do with my ever being in a hurry. Either way, here are a few true little samples. Dear little handwriting. Sigh. You could do better.

17. Pets:
Pets you say? Well, what about them? Yes, I have them (you all know that). I thought perhaps I'd venture out to take their pictures so I could say, "Yes, I have pets. Here is what they were doing just now." But it is frighteningly cold, and, speaking of frightening, there is supposed to be a giant blizzard hitting here in a few hours, and I have called Mike no less than twice to see if he couldn't somehow leave work early to miss driving in it, but he doesn't think he can,and I don't like it one bit! I want us all bundled up safe and sound inside our own home -- together -- when it is blizzarding!

Nevertheless, here is a little pet business from last month when the chickens were pecking about freely for a moment.

Here Jesse actually tried to take a little ride on the chicken (the chicken was quite put out by this occurrence and my failure to stop it more quickly).

Here Jesse decided to throw the chickens a zucchini half . . . only he hit one with it . . . which, again, was an unhappy occurrence for the unlucky chicken.

The zucchini itself, once it wasn't grounded, did seem to give them some enjoyment.


Lara said...

Oh my, I love the pic of Jesse riding the chicken. That chicken must really love Jesse to let him get close enough to sit on its back. Or maybe its just learned that if it tolerates a bit of playing "chicken" it will get a tasty half zucchini for a snack.

marzee said...

i love Jesse trying to hitch a ride on the chicken. I remember when we were at a petting zoo for Christmas - and they had baby goats. Eli was grabbing all their butts and laughing hysterically. Kids are great.

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