Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Speaking of Chickens . . .

Today Penny asked me, "Why did the chicken cross the road?" I don't know that she's had any experience with joke telling thus far, so I wasn't sure if she even meant to tell a joke or had just heard the question posed by a sibling and now wanted an answer from me.

"Umm. Was it to get to the other side?" I asked.

She nodded but seemed to be thinking. Then added, "'Cause it seed its mommy."
That maybe doesn't make for a spectacular joke, but I thought that was pretty good two year old reasoning for just why a chicken might want to cross a road.
Also, she loves to play with Daisy and Goldie's old "Little People" sets. She'll spend large chunks of any given day having them do whatever they do and setting them all up in their cars or house. Only, they aren't "Little People," they are "cool people." I don't have the foggiest idea where that came from, and it was some time before I even registered that she was calling them that. "I wanna play with my cool people, Mom," she'll say. Or, I'll hear two of the figures conversing and one will say to the other, "Are you a cool people too?"

She's very shy around people outside of our immediate family. Even other little kids. But here she is quite a hilarious little thing.
She often torments Goldie. I don't know why exactly. Maybe it is that Abe and Daisy see her as little enough that they don't get too upset when she gets into their things, etc. (unless of course she breaks something), but Goldie nearly has a heart attack anytime Penny goes in her room or touches her things. This seems to make Penny LOVE to do those very things. She is forever sneaking up behing Goldie and grabbing her blanket or stuffed animal and running off with it as Goldie wails.
Whenever I ask her to get something for me (say a diaper for Jesse, or a blanket out of my room), she'll bring it back and say, "Will this do?"
She has a little game she plays with Mike where he meows like a sweet little kitten and she walks up to him asking if he wants some food (proffering her little hands which are cupped into a bowl shape). Then, as she gets close, the kitty turns to a tiger and begins to roar. Penny runs off screaming but then the fierce tiger penitantly begins some sweet meowing again and Penny is back offering the kitty something to eat.

Funny little girl.


marz said...

She looks so much like Goldie to me that I had to recheck and make sure the pictures were of Penny and not Goldie. She's getting so big! I can't believe she and Mystery are the same age because she seems so much bigger!

Screwed Up Texan said...

Oh oh oh, I made up a joke today. It goes:

Why did the chicken fart?

Because he was a rotten egg!

Yes, I am totally four years old.

Krista said...

She has an adorable sense of humor. How did I miss these posts? I don't think the blog roll thingy is very reliable.

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