Friday, March 5, 2010

Crazy Little Dinosaur Kids

Why won't you post?, you're wondering. Well, who knows, but I'll tell you something that is neither here nor there. It is this, I love this book:There is no real story line or wonderful plot. It is just this awesome little dinosaur roaring his way through life. Roaring through talking grown ups, roaring through his dinner, roaring through bathtime. We checked it out at the library awhile back, and I loved it so much that when we were walking down an isle at Target the other day and Penny yelled, "The dinosaur book!" I had to immediately buy it (even though I probably could have bought it for much cheaper on Amazon, but at the cost of waiting!).
It reminds me not just of kids in general, but of some of my favorite crazy kids. Do you know the ones? Every now and then one of my siblings or friends has a kid who is just a tiny little trouble making wild tornado, and I find myself always secretly liking them a little extra.

Typing this made me think of one of my favorite things to see this past season. As I am driving back from dropping my kids off at school, I inevitably see one or two kids running to school along the snow drifts on the sides of the road. Yes the sidewalks are nicely shoveled; yes there is a clean shoulder on the side of the road; yes the bell is probably about to ring and they are rushing because they are about to be late . . . and yet . . . crunch crunch, sink, crunch crunch, sink they go. I see it and I laugh at the little souls making their way to school the least efficient way possible, and it somehow impresses upon me the whole perfect wonderfulness of kids.


Krista said...

Isn't that the truth?! I own two of those terror kids. One who is 19 now and the other who only saves her wildness for home. The one who was grounded for the entire week last week. Lucky dinosaurs have to sleep once in awhile.

marzee said...

Kids are awesome, aren't they? Sometimes I want to gripe about how Action is so absent minded - tumbling and flipping here and there without pause or thought for anything or anyone. Forgetting that Mom has told him for the twentieth time to do this or that. . . . climbing walls, swinging on the bannister and walking through all puddles on the way to the bus stop. But really - wouldn't it be fun to do whatever you want without worry about effects or consequences? What a happy, blissful, roaringly fun flipping life! (lol)

(Naughty you - I really was talking about flipping)

Perla said...

that book looks awesome. i think i need to buy it.
poor jesse with no sucker. reminds me that i gave miles his first one today and he was in heaven. of course it was from the bank.

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