Monday, March 15, 2010

Preparing for the Worst

This was the conversation I heard in the car last night.

D: Alright, Goldie, so listen to this, and tell me what you would do: Say someone wrapped a goblin up in one of those papers that you wrap a caramel in.

A: Daisy, he'd be so tiny.

D: No, he's wrapped in a huge wrapping paper, Abe. So, Goldie, you buy it and open it and you think it's a candy but instead it's a goblin. What would you do?

Me: Is there a right answer to this question?

G: I'd get his gold!

D: Goldie! That's a leprechaun! Not a goblin!

G: I'd just wrap him back up --

D: No, Gold! You couldn't! He's already all unwrapped.

G: I'd just throw him outside . . . ?

A: Daisy, just tell us what the answer is.

D: Abe, I don't know the answer!

I guess that's why she was asking, but none of us know the answer. I can't decide if it is good she brought this scenario up so we can keep thinking until we are prepared with the best possible solution (should the candy/goblin mix up occur), or if we should just forget about it and hope against all hopes that it never happens to us. I know it's always best to be prepared, but it's just so hard to prepare for every possible eventuality. I feel overwhelmed just thinking about it! I still haven't figured out exactly how I will save all of my five children should we happen to crash into the middle of a lake (yes, that is one of my worst most dreadful fears. I often find myself thinking if we'd make it with two kids holding around my neck and another in one arm and two on their own). Now I have to figure out goblins? What if a pixie shows up in a cookie box? What if a warthog comes in the mail? And what are pixies anyway? Are they good or bad? Maybe I want one to show up. Woo-wee. Lots to think about.


Tia Juana said...

Oh, she is a girl after my own heart - always thinking of the next bad thing that may or may NOT be the slightest bit reasonable to assume might happen.

And, the whole drowning in the car with my kids? I've so BEEN THERE!!!!

Safe travels.

Perla said...

That whole last paragraph explains how I felt growing up with YOU as my sister and the conundrums you would create for me EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

marzee said...

Pixies are those singing American Idols that have an unnatural redish/maroonish hair color that sing haunting melodies and have glitter on their rosie faces.

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