Friday, February 12, 2010

A Post for Valentines

Being as it is the month of love and Valentines and hearts and all of that, I have been thinking extra about how much I love my husband, and, even more extra about how much I like to be loved by my husband. My husband hasn't been around a whole lot lately, which isn't necessarily new, but his absence hasn't quite allowed for me to feel his crushing adoration as perfectly as I generally like. That's not to say he isn't thinking crushingly adoring thoughts about me all day long. He is. I'm sure. It's just I mentioned awhile back that the two of us haven't had much luck with sending messages to one another via telepathy. When I first noticed this failing in our relationship, Mike told me that I needed to start with baby steps. That I shouldn't just start sending him messages from two miles away (in a snow storm no less -- which probably hampers cosmic messages). He said I should start in closer proximity. So, as I sat right next to him on the couch, I practiced. I kept thinking over and over for him to do something (something that, to be honest, I was pretty sure he was going to do in the next 10 or 15 minutes anyway), and then he did! Success? Maybe. But, with the baby steps approach, I can't yet decipher the thoughts of love assuredly aimed at me all day from Mike 40 miles away. So, the other night, feeling the extra Valentines need to be loved, I asked Mike what he loves about me. He told me two things. They were pretty good, but they were only two. I imagine though that it was because he was so worn out from trying to send me thoughts on all the other reasons he loves me from 40 miles away all day. In fact, I think the #3 thing he was going to say he loved about me was how I don't force him to think of more than two things he loves about me when his mind is too worn out from thinking hard all day about how much he loves me. (It must be exhausting).

But, what with Valentines being the 14th, I think it might be a good tradition to have to tell your loved ones 14 things you love about them. So that is what I will ask Mike to do. Two things is something, but 14 things is better. Only, to be honest, I don't want that quite as much as I want a box of chocolates from Marie Cavanaughs with those mints and then some with strawberry and orange cream in the middle. So, I might be just as happy not knowing 14 things Mike loves about me if I have 14 things to eat that I love.

So, he can opt out of the 14 things game, but just in case I don't find 14 presents good enough to opt out, here are 14 things I love about Mike.

1. I love when the windshield is scraped free of frost when I come out in the morning.

2. I love Mike telling me not to rub my eyes so much just like my dad used to.

3. I love when Mike told me that Hereford cows are blind from living in dark caves in Herefordshire all of their lives (and, in case you are thinking, "really?" I will also tell you that he said they could hang upside down from the cave ceiling by their hooves . . .).

4. I love my memory of Mike stepping unexpectedly out of his parents car in our driveway late one Summer night (after 4 1/2 months living apart and about six weeks of not even seeing his face). It was the happiest surprise of my life.

5. I love Mike's arms.

6. I love an image I have of Mike in his black construction boots, a tan ball cap and a black T-shirt walking up the walk to my house for our second date.

7. I love Mike sweeping the floor when he doesn't think it one bit needs sweeping just to make me happy because he knows I do think it needs sweeping.

8. I love my running poem Mike composed for me before my last marathon.

9. I love Mike always being nice to everyone.

10. I love Mike being able to laugh about how tough he must look at the gym after I dye nearly all his white socks and gym shirts pink by accidentally washing them with something red.

11. I love Mike buying me three roses for our anniversary and happily telling me how he'd gone in to the florist shop with a "devil may care" attitude and said, "give me a dozen of your best roses," and then, when they told him the price said, "mmm, how about half a dozen?" and then, "I'll take three." (Yes, I really did love it -- it was very funny to hear him tell and I loved my three roses way more than I've ever loved a dozen).

12. I love the shape of Mike's teeth (yes, the shape of his teeth) and, as long as we're in the mouth area, I love his voice (which I know originates not in your mouth really, but still).

13. I love Mike knowing and so often buying me my favorite treats (and knowing and not minding that I ADORE treats).

14. I love Mike being able to fix pretty nearly anything and everything that might ever need fixing.

And, kind of like a baker's dozen (only a Valentine's 14), I will add one more.

15. I love how when I talk to him on the phone while he's at work, I can always tell wether or not co-workers are present by the amount of animation in his voice. Sometimes it is fun to say shocking things to him when I can tell they are around just to hear him calmly respond, "Well, that's interesting."

I am now going to practice telepathy again by thinking REALLY hard for Mike to come read this blog post. Kind of so he'll see these nice things in print that I've probably already told him many times to his face, but also, maybe, so he'll know what I want for Valentines.


Tia Juana said...

Oh what fun!

But, what does it say about me ( or you) that I think I could name quite a few of your favorite treats????

And by the way, ET sold Girl Scout cookies this year and I just turned in the order form and as I was driving home I thought "I wonder if I should have emailed Nancy to see if she wanted any?"

Oh, and thanks a bunch for jinxing me with the whole "you have no discretion" bit because LL hasn't seen her post and now I'm thinking "oh crap she's gonna be so mad". Way to go, buffalo.

Wait, is it buffalo? No. It's Idaho. Way to go Idaho. Buffalo would be like me calling you fat from all your TREATS!

Karen said...

Oh....that telepathy is tricky. Sometimes I send thoughts of one thing and get something quite different. What is a girl to do? Like tonight I sent, something along the line of being needy. I pretty sure when it got to him it sounded something like you are feeling very sleepy.

I hope you get to spend some time with Mike soon.

Krista said...

That is sooooo sweet! I hope your hubby brings you extra treats now just because! Some women just aren't as lucky as us. Loved your post.

Perla said...

good post, sister. i always like getting to know mike and liking him more for all of the reasons that you like him...but in a different know...sorry..i'm very tired i.

marzee said...

I loved this! So great - now I need to give my bubba a Valentine's 14. I love you guys. ;)

Nancy said...

Karen, "I'm feeling needy" getting scrambled in the sending to "you are feeling sleepy" made me laugh out loud.

Paige ~ Nate ~ Kaiden said...

That is a great idea to name 14 things you love about them! I too love that my husband can fix almost anything, it is so nice to have a handy man. Like last night our garbage disposal was clogged and wouldn't work after unclogging it but some how he found a way to fix it after taking it apart! :) Saves us money! I hope you and your family are doing great! Glad to see you have a blog to keep in touch.

London said...

Ohh!! I love this post! It's so neat to hear all the things you love about your hubby! I love the three roses, that is awesome! You two are so cute! I love it! Oh p.s. I'm stealing this 14 idea for my blog too :)

Krissy-loo said...

Oh, yea! I think you're husband is one of the most likable people I know. And I'm so glad you share so much of his humor on here, because it always makes me laugh so hard, and then I read it to Ben and make him laugh, too. :)

Mugsy said...

There was a short time in my life where reading this would leftme very envious. But tonight it makes me so happy and smiling from ear to ear! I love you and Mike!!! And I love your relationship! What a awesome Valentines post, even if it left me thinking only of cows hanging upside down from their hooves. Love you!!!

Mugsy said...

O and I think it is so good to do a little honoring of your loved ones on Valentines! I am going for fourteen for Josh tonight!!!

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