Friday, February 19, 2010

Kids are People Too

One of Penny's favorite things is to throw all of the pillows and cushions off the couch and leap onto them. Generally all of this leaping draws Jesse's attention, and he proceeds to come join the pile of pillows where, more often than not, he becomes part of the leaped on.

Today, this very business was going on when Penny said, "Mom, I wish Jesse could jump like a kid!" (Meaning she wished he could more fully join her in flying from the couch to the pillows).

"I know," I said, "that would be fun, but he's too little. Someday he'll be able to though."
"Yah," Penny agreed, "When he's a people."
Yes, when he's a people. It is my fondest hope that he will one day join the race of people, for now though, he is far far from a real people.
I like his fuzzy after nap head.
Here, he'd been playing with Goldie's stuffed tiger, but when he began chewing on Tiger's feet, Goldie took Tiger away.
To calm him, she went to fetch his sock monkey.
As I took these pics I was feeling guilty for not taking pictures of him more often, but then he got up off the floor and began his usual business, and I remembered why there are so few pictures. It is because he doesn't stop moving EVER, and most of my picture taking attempts end up as blurry images of the back or top of his head.

Seriously, watch this video if you will and you will see the constant going of this kid. I just wanted to film him with sock monkey for a minute. Mike and I have commented that, unlike our other kids, he almost never ever ever wants us to hold him -- even when sad. If he is in our arms he is struggling to be out or hitting us angrily in the face. The other day I was holding him for a brief moment when Mike leaned in to kiss me. Quick as a wink, Jesse slapped Mike in the face. It was awesome.

Also, figure in that he usually moves this constantly all day only with stops at every cupboard, bathroom, closet, dishwasher, garbage or drawar to quickly wreak some havoc, and you might understand a tiny bit of why, each morning, the mere prospect of trying to maintain order in my home for another full day seems daunting at best.

And yet . . . people or not . . . we like him loads all the same.


Tia Juana said...

I love looking at your house. Its like spying...

And despite what you say, it looks snazzy.

Karen said...

I am still waiting for a few of mine to become people!

I can hardly believe how grown up his. The whole closing and opening doors thing is called "hinging." Apparently it is a developmental thing. I know this because it is a developmental stage that My Son has just now moved past.

Krista said...

I was going to say the same as Karen - I can't believe how much he has grown. It happens so fast! My 9 1/2 year old still carries a teddy bear around - I keep thinking she will outgrow it. In a way I hope she doesn't.

Perla said...

i loved that little video. how crazy that he is only 4 months older than miles. i wonder when miles will start moving. he still does the saddest, legless, one-armed, army crawl and can't get much of anywhere. but its not so bad. i love jesse.

marzee said...

I so love, love, love that photo of Jesse with the crazy upset face. Makes me think of Mystery's crazy faces - he's incredibly animated - and oh so serious all of the time.

Also - the couch cushions - my kids are forever wanting to tear apart the section and bounce away to who knows where. Even when it isn't torn apart he uses it as a trampoline - jumping from one to flip to another. Seriously - in only a space of about 2 feet - he is able to completely flip around in an instant. It's crazy. I think he's going to hurt the person sitting on the cushion right beside him - but no. He is somehow able to keep his entire body within that 2 foot perimeter while twisting, contorting and flipping crazily.

Loves to you all - and I love Jesse's crazy nap head as well as Goldie's cool stocking hat with jammas. Great. Now all she needs are some rain boots. ;)

Amy said...

Why are every one of your posts so dear and so clever and just so. . . amazing??! Why, dam you, why?!! And why won't I ever post any thing on my blog?

Krissy-loo said...

Kids ARE people, too, dang it! :) What a crazy cute little guy. I really enjoyed this charming post.

Ashley said...

i loved watching your video and being able to hear your voice that i miss. love you, nanners.

Kit J said...

Oh see, I can't stop reading your blog now...seriously when do you find the I wish I had such a thing for my kids. But here is the weird thing..your voice sounds exactly like mine on a video and yet your voice in general I always think is deeper than mine. Oh and Jess's hair and it's fuzzy condition is just like Carson's was which is why for a long time his nickname was FUZZY!

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