Friday, November 20, 2009

Mike Snopes

Now that we have all come to trust and love snopes so well, it is horrifying HORRIFYING to think what will become of us when deceivers begin telling us that something is true because they verified it on snopes . . . when in reality . . . they did not. Soon people will have to look up on snopes whether or not it is true that something was looked up on snopes! Bedlam!

What is most terrifying is that just such deception has already begun . . . and it has begun in my very own home. And, it has begun with the least likely of suspects -- my own HUSBAND! Why is he an unlikely suspect? Because, as those of you who know him well already know, he is an honest honest man. He is also quite a clever fellow though, and apparently, on occasion, his cleverness wins out over strict truthfulness.

I've mentioned before that I love the Lark Rise to Candleford BBC series. I have only seen season one -- which was played (and then replayed) on our local public broadcasting station. I sent an email to several of my Lark Rise loving sister-in-laws the other day telling them that we were doomed to never ever see season two.

Then, to my joy, both my sister-in-law (Marnie) and I got replies to emails we'd sent to our local station telling us that they would be playing season two this January.

Mike saw these emails going back and forth and decided to send a reply out to us of his own devising.

Here it is:

I looked this issue up on and unfortunately it is only a myth.  I'm sorry to be the one to break the bad news.  This is what it said:
"Snopes is dedicated to finding the truth on the internet and beyond.  Recently we checked into the potential airing of season two of the period piece 'Larkrise to Candleford.'  This rumor has been circulating the internet for several weeks.  We contacted KUED to see if and when the second season would air.  KUED told us that they were about to issue a press release on this same subject.  According to their spokesperson, a young woman, known around the workplace for her distinctive dresses, romantic notions, and afternoon teas, caused thousands of emails to be sent to KUED executives praising the show and calling for more episodes.  The woman allegedly sent the emails from multiple international computer networks making the emails appear to come from thousands of purported Larkrise fans all with distinct IP addresses.  Luckily, KUED's IT department was able to catch on to the scheme before the season aired.  Interestingly enough, the IT department was able to determine that there are in fact only 17 fans of the show, so the upcoming season was quickly cancelled.  According to police, when the woman was captured she faintly sighed and then proceeded to faint."

Only 17 fans?? Oh, honey. How you mock. I do love that this "young woman" he invented was "known around the workplace for her distinctive dresses, romantic notions, and afternoon teas."


Tia Juana said...

Oh! Oh, I say! Mr. Mike must think him so clever! And he is. I like to wonder who he considers the 17 fans. Did he count up the number of women in your two families and decide them to be the 17 women? Oh! Funny!

jami said...

funny. he's funny. :)

Perla said...

that mike is always the FIRST one i suspect when it comes to any type of deception. i told you that before you married him.
"a young woman, known around the workplace for her distinctive dresses, romantic notions, and afternoon teas" ???? mike is super cool, even if he is so deceitful.

Lover of Sweets said...

I always like learning more about that horrible husband of yours. I haven't heard of this "Lark" series. I'll have to check it out.

Kelly said...

For some reason I love when males write cool stuff like that. Is it because I am gender biased and only think women should be writing creatively? I don't know.

Ashley said...

So few people actually KNOW Mike. I find it hilarious that its only through your awesome blog that I have any idea about his true identity. Tell him I think he's rad. Also, I think you're rad. Miss you.

Amy said...

I love that Kelly asked if she was Gender Biased. What a funny, funny husband you have. I wish I knew how to sigh faintly and faint on demand. It could be most useful in getting my way.

Mugsy said...

That is the funniest post EVER!!!! Man that Mike is hilarious!

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