Friday, August 21, 2009

Kids to Sleep and Unexpressed Thoughts

It's late and the kids just went to bed.

They aren't really sleeping yet -- Goldie is presently yelling to tell me how she doesn't really know what happened but she is "just so tired" (perhaps sleep would be a good option?) and now she is asking for a lullaby.


OK, I'm back. I don't sing worth jack (is that a saying or did I make up something that makes no sense?), and I doubt it will be much longer before they are of age to realize my lullabies are crummy, so I figure I best sing to them while they are still requesting.

Abe used to love me to make up lullabies for him, but he no longer requests them and would probably think it was silly if I did sing him one. He does still like for me to draw a few vegetables on his back for him to guess though, so that is something.

Anyway, Abe is quiet -- though I know he is reading. I know because I have to make a very serious point that he can't read if I want him straight to sleep. Otherwise, it is guaranteed that he is reading.

Now it seems Goldie is going to be quiet herself.

Jesse is yelling, "yah yah yah" in such a way that I can tell he is bouncing a bit in his crib. He has recently learned to get himself into sit up position, so he often does when he is supposed to be sleeping. Then, with his great new view of the room (and of Abe reading), he bounces and yells. He'll go to sleep though. I like that he is at that stage.

Daisy is quiet. Maybe reading. Maybe passed out cold -- which she can do surprisingly quickly.

Penny is still shouting. I just called up, "Go to bed, Penny!" and she now keeps calling, "How come? How come, Mom?" It is rare that she falls asleep with out a fair amount of singing, calling and other silliness, but, like Jesse, she eventually calls it quits on her own, so I don't need to do anything other than call up an occasional, "Quiet, Pen," when she gets too loud.

I feel like typing something and yet I have nothing really to type. A little bit I want to type something clever or funny, but mostly I want to type something real and thoughtful. I think it is just night and dark and the house feels empty with no Mike here and the kids all in bed, and whatever feelings are stirring in me want to express themselves in letters that form words right in front of my eyes. They need to form thoughts too though and no thoughts are coming other than the sounds I've just mentioned from my kids. There is something in there though -- something in my mind that wants to get out and be put down -- recorded. And yet . . . it continues to elude me.

Oh, but now this. Husband is at the door. Home from work at 9:02 pm. Now that he is here these lonely thoughts wanting to get out have fled. I am off. Goodnight.


Perla said...

i don't like having husbands gone all the time at all. when jas worked from home twice a week it was so awesome. now that he can't and is never home before like 7:00 or later...well...i don't like it one bit.

but i do like lullabies for the kids and am glad that they still ask for them. loumy likes me to sing a song about a boy whose name rhymes with lines like, "he looks so cool in his soccer socks" and "he can run as fast as a speedy fox" and "that boy he really rocks". but someday soon that kind of stuff will just embarrass him.

deedle doesn't like me to sing. we just listen to her lullaby cd and i tickle her for a song. i like that time, too.

Tia Juana said...

So a friend of mine just made a mini-photo album for her family called "Extraordinary Ordinary" and she took pictures of her kids all day long one Saturday just doing nothing but what they ususally do and she had her kids take pictures of her scrubbing a toilet and other ordinary tasks. It is a thoughtful way to remember 'nothing'. You kind of did that here with the recording of what the regular old bedtime routine is at your house and you will always be happy that you recorded this 'nothing' which really is something.

Krista said...

It's good to record these thoughts because before you know it you will be going to bed before them! My two teens are night owls and I usually go to bed shortly after my nine year old! Ha!

Liz said...

Jay has been gone the last two nights and although my kids have gone to be bed without a peep I lay wide awake and get hardly any sleep. We should find ways for husbands to always be around. I thought I would dislike mine around ALL OF THE TIME for the last 8 months, but I have actually enjoyed it. So, the next time he is gone would you mind coming over to sing me a lullaby?

Oysterblogger said...

Nacho I loved your descriptions. Even describing nothing out of the ordinary it is like soft music to the mind. Very expressive and the way a lullaby should be I guess that was your mood at the moment because things were quieting down at your house. Anyway I have missed you cuz I have been an abysimal blogger/blogreader. Glad to see you are still you even though I never see you and have grown to know you intimately! ha ha

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