Wednesday, August 12, 2009

F is for Far Away Friends. . . . And some other stuff that starts with other letters . . .

Summer has brought with it some fun visits with old and not so old, but far away friends. (By old I mean friends I've had for a long time . . . not that they are aged . . . though compared to their ages when we first met, I guess they have aged a great deal . . . as have I).

Jessica and Liz are my two oldest best friends. Somehow they both ended up in Vegas. Liz is back now and we did get to hang out for a day, but sadly I forgot to get any pictures. Jessica came up to visit with her daughter Ana around the 4th of July. Here we are.
And here we still are after Abe has snapped one million photos and still won't give me the camera. Speaking of Abe, he told me that I "sound like a teenager" when I talk to Jessica.
I also drove the kids up to Preston, ID one day so that we could see our friends the Madsens who were down from WA visiting their family there. My kids love Alexa's kids.And just this past weekend, my WA friend Marzee and her husband stopped to visit us (they were here for a family wedding). It is so fun to have friends from all different phases (and places) from my life. I've never been good with a Christmas card and my kids make long phone conversations difficult, so I am glad for all the modern things that make keeping in touch easier (email, blogs, etc).

H is for Hair Cut

Goldie awoke Monday morning with a determination to have her hair cut. I am not sure if it is because she saw some pics of my sister's kids with recent cuts or just because she decided it was something that must be done, but she begged and pleaded and could hardly stand that we couldn't til the next day. I was sad to have it cut simply because I am a wimp and feel like crying any time anything changes suddenly with my kids (habits, routines, or appearance), but it does suit her and she looks very cute. Plus, I was afraid she'd be sad when it actually happened, but she seems to think it is the best thing that ever happened to her and she checks with me every few hours to make sure it hasn't grown longer too quickly.
M is for Mike
Tomorrow is Mike's birthday. Today on my run I was thinking about him and remembering when I had called him down at BYU to suggest we go to lunch (even though we'd broken up several months before). I couldn't find his number and was nervous to call his parents so I had to call his friend to ask for it (which was a bit awkward since it was this same friend's younger brother that I was on a date with when I met Mike). I'm always writing things I like about Mike on here, but here is one extra little thing. I really love Mike's voice. I even wrote a poem of sorts about it once and I don't really write poetry anymore (it wasn't flowery or anything -- just something). I love to just listen to him read or tell me about something. It's just kind of deep and rhythmic and sounds like . . . hmmm . . . not country like hick-ish, but country like . . . I don't know . . . living in the country. Happy birthday Mike. Because I love you so much, I am letting us try camping with all of our kids for your birthday!

D is for Daisy and B is for Baby Boys

Here is a cute picture of Daisy.
And here is a picture of Jesse with Israel, his first cousin once removed (just so you know I know how to figure those things). They get to hang out when Ashley lets me go running. Israel is scooting better than Jesse, so today we put them a ways apart and yelled, "Run, Jesse! Run!!" as Israel scooted towards him. Look at them. They think they are so cool now that they can sit up and not just flap around on their backs.


Tia Juana said...

So many things to think about it one post.

1. Friends: nothing like 'em!
2. I change my speech patterns depending on whom I'm with - apparently so do you.
3. The haircut - LOVE IT!!!! I really love a new haircut and feel it does wonders for a little person a they feel different and pretty/handsome! I literally just returned from Great Clips with ET and Meow but ET would only get a trim despite that I would have LVOED her to get a cut like your girl.
4. I wish I could hear Mike's voice seeings as the last time I probably spoke to him I was yelling at him to stop running with a cup full of punch at T&B's wedding. You see, I was so mature then and him not so much. I would like to hear the non-hickish country without running punch.
5. The babies are just too big. And speaking of running - how's it going with the injuries and shoes and stuff?

The end (of my things to say).

Tia Juana said...

Oh yeah.

#6. Sorry you have to camp.

The real END.

Nancy said...

Thanks for asking, Tia. The ankls is about the same. Although, today, it felt -- better . . . ish. We shall see. The last pair of shoes I ordered was maybe borderline too small, so I got a half size up and they are perhaps too big!! Aarrggh! Why won't I try them on, you ask?? Well, I'll tell you, my feet are so blasted large that I have to order running shoes because no one carries over tens much!! (Side note, my shoe size is a ten, so I can normally buy shoes, but tens are too tight in running shoes. The end)

P.S. Mike was wondering if he wa truthfully running with punch (which would be akin to running with scissors) or if you were just sayin' -- you know, wedding, punch, Mike and who knows, he may have been running.

marzee said...

oh - your picture turned out so much better than mine. I'll have to email them to you.

Goldie's haircut is adorable - so cute on her! She told me that she was going to get it cut when I visited.

And speaking of vacation and visiting - I think I've finally recovered . . . . catching up on sleep and what not. Seriously - it's like I couldn't get enough sleep the past few days.

Love to all!

Perla said...

what's wrong with a baby that can only "flap around on his back"? haha.

i'm glad goldie likes her hair. today i took the kids swimming for the first time this summer and addie was actually quite disturbed at how long her pony tail was when i put the top half of her hair in one.

mike's voice is cool. its nice and makes me sometimes feel sleepy.

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