Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Interview with Nancy/Camping

Well, Nancy, we are excited to be here interviewing you today!

Thank you. I must say though, I feel embarrassed to be receiving all of the attention. After all, I'm not even famous.

Oh pshaw. Fame is overrated, and besides, here, in the world of your own blog who else could be more famous?

Well . . . Mike maybe? I mean I've written some good stuff about him. Or maybe one of the kids?

That was actually a rhetorical question. None of them are available for interviews at present so we're stuck with you.
Well . . . I don't like the word, "stuck" . . .

Let's just move on to the interview shall we?

Oh, yes, by all means.
Alright, so we understand you recently had quite a fiasco camping. Is that so?
Well, there were some fiasco parts to be certain. Mainly driving to five spots and finding them all full and driving back home while it rained on our stuff at about midnight. Putting kids to bed and saying we'd try again tomorrow. Then there was a bit of fiasconess from Jesse who didn't want to sleep at all the first night, but the next night he slept quite cozily right in our big sleeping bag with me and that was snugly because he won't generally sleep in my arms these days.
So, what were the non fiasco parts?
Oh yes, those. Well, there was the part where Abe (with a little help from Daisy) put up his own tent, and the part where Penny would whisper so happily to me as I snuggled her down in her own sleeping bag by us, and the part where Mike made us popcorn the old fashioned way in a big pot, and the part where Penny sang happily for a long while as I drove her on the 4-wheeler, and a lot of other parts where I was happy there was no tv or computer or wii, but just my little family out in the natural world.

Well, that's all good and well. Sounds like quite an adventure. Tell us, is it worth all of the craziness to make a trip like that work?
Hmmm. Good question. It definitely seems worth it once all of the laundry is done and the kids are washed of campfire smell and the camping stuff is put away. Until then, I wonder, but after that I don't because then we are just left with some good memories and even the bad ones seem like . . . a good story maybe.
You spoke of Abe setting up his own tent. Tell us more.
Well, we actually have the best tent in the world. It is big and easy to set up. You can stand in it and fit a pak-n-play in it and probably our whole family could sleep in it with out much trouble, but we also brought a little dome tent along, and Abe and Daisy set that one up with not so much as a bit of help. Then, the two of them slept in it! I thought they'd be too nervous, but they were thrilled. I made Mike lift it and put it next to our big one though. I also made him chain Thor (our dog) up right next to their tent at night. It was kind of fun to hear them giggling away in there at night.
Well, what fun. Unfortunately our time is up and we'll have to cut the interview a bit short.
Oh! I see. Well, yes, I suppose we must . . . somehow I was under the impression I'd be talking about more than just camping. I don't know. Talking about me more . . . you know . . . just because you were interviewing me . . .

Well, I'm sure that is something we all would have loved, unfortunately, as I mentioned, our time is up, but it was certainly entertaining speaking with you today and we'll have you back again soon.
Don't you mean I might have you back? I just mean, since this is my blog, I'll be here anyway, right?

Technicalities. Technicalities. Well, thanks again, Nancy. Until next time.
Uhhh. Alright . . . until then . . . I guess. I'll just leave these last few pictures here then . . . if you don't mind.

Fair enough. Goodbye!


Tia Juana said...

And now a word from your sponsor....

Holy CRAP you have a big dog!!! And seriously, is his name THOR??? Or, like, did you give him a blogging code name after your favorite blogger (uh hem, me)...? Or maybe you named him in real life after your favorite blogger. But really, it would be my Joe since technically "Thor" is his name, not mine. (Do you know that one time in Primary they sent home a spotlight form and asked the families where their family name came from and I put the isle of Thor. They thought that was just dandy and read it out loud and truthfully, I just made it up.)

I think you are right though, when all is said and done and the ticks are out of the dog (they are out right?) even the crappy parts of camping are nice and happy memories. Glad you did it.

Nancy said...

Tia, Well, I will tell you. He was already named THOR which is such a serious and imposing name that we wanted to name him something like Henry, but the kids would have absolutely none of it. There was to be NO changing his name. But, in the end, I am glad that it has increased the bond between you and I with all of this "thor" ness.

jami said...

what a very fun way to post. i love that you had to go home and try again the next night, and i love that abe put up his own tent, mike made popcorn the "old-fashioned" way, and that even with the mishap at the start it still seemed like such a good time. i'm with you, after all the clean-up is over and i'm reflecting on it i do think things like that are fun. maybe i should try to remember those mishap memories are fun in the making too. :)

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing all your good memories but admitting to the reality of how much work camping is! From your pictures it all looked perfectly great to me!

Mugsy said...

HAh, nice creativity... O and so glad the adventure proves to be well worth it in the end.

Perla said...

what a fun way to do a post. i loved it. great pictures and of course now i wish that we had gone with you. on friday after you found a place to go. :)

Kelly said...

I liked the interview. I am glad that my camping experience for the summer was just completed through you! Such fun, thanks for the memories.

Amy said...

You are so clever. I am happy you got interviewed, but if I had been the interviewer I would definately asked more about you, your desires, hopes and dreams, such as What do you feel is the prevailing theme in the last of the Harry Potter books?, Do you wish your brain was a muscle? Would you rather have 100 spiders crawl all over you or eat a small plate of buggers? And are you feeling free from foot pain?

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