Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jesse and the Camera/Conference

Jesse is such a content and good little guy. If he didn't spit up more than all my other kids combined (which was already a lot), he would be completely perfect. He giggles and laughs quite readily, but I can't ever catch it on film. I can't even catch a smile on the camera because this is the effect the camera has on him:
It puts him in a total trance.

Sometimes I can almost catch a smile if I hold the camera way out to the side where he can't see it, but even then he won't generally be fooled for long.
But, who needs smiles when they can catch this face:
Lastly, here is the set up Abe arranged for their General Conference watching. They may be loud and not necessarily hear a thing that is said, but I think I have at least accomplished one thing. They genuinely love the idea of conference. They love gathering pictures to color and Legos and setting up a little station to spend the day at. Saturday was a HORRIBLE day with our kids. There was more crying and time outs than in the whole last year combined. (Mostly because they have been fighting so much with each other lately! I hate that. Help!). But, even amidst the drama no one wanted to miss conference. In fact one of Daisy's most tearful pleas to be spared a time out was that she'd miss some of conference.Oops, did I already say "lastly?" Well, really this little video is lastly, which has nothing particularly to do with anything.


Rhonda said...

Hooray! I am so happy to see pictures of little Jesse! I was just about to write you begging you to post some. He is such a precious little thing and I can't wait to see him soon, soon!

I love that your kids love conference! And with the fighting thing...finding out that your kids have some quarrels makes me think that ALL kids must fight, no matter what. You and Mike are such great parents that I would blame it entirely on the children and some kind of developmental phase they are going through...not as any kind of parenting flaw...but I am sorry that they do fight- I am sure that gets a bit tiresome.

Thanks for your encouraging note on my blog. You are always so sweet and kind. It will be fun to see you for the wedding!

Mugsy said...

That bottom pic of Jesse is the CUUUUTEST!!!

jami said...

oh i love the pics of little jesse. i can't believe how LONG he is and the silly face at the end of him is SO adorable! :)

good for you that your kids love conference. i'm impressed at the conference "set-up" they have going. :)this is the first time cole has gotten mad for missing some. isn't that funny? we played a little game during conference that he loved. when he went to bed sunday night he asked if we could watch more conference for fhe -- to play the game. :)

jami said...

ok. how about i meant the last picture of him was so cute -- apparently a little punctuation would have helped with that sentence. :)

Karen said...

OK, really, I could steal Penny. She is so darn cute with her singing. I love it.

The fighting kids thing is one that I am battling as well. I did notice that my kids fight less the less TV they watch. That said, it does not prevent it all together.

It is so good that your kids look forward to conference. Mine tolerate it since I don't make them get dressed.

LASTLY....Jesse is so sweet. One of these days I need to meet you at the "fishy park" and let our kids play.

Tia Juana said...

Dear Jesse,

It was so nice to see you on your mom's blog today. She hasn't posted many pics of you lately since I think she is so consumed with that monster dog you adopted! Or perhaps she is in the basement smokin' dope remains.

I understand that your siblings were pretty awful this weekend. That is very ironic since my own children were children of the devil this weekend as well - but more the teenagers than the littes ones. Go figure. I suppose I probably had a similar look on my as you had in that scrunched up nose shot your mom posted, when I realized that we still had one more session to go with these crazy kids! You see, Joe was gone all weekend, so it just got a little old to be the watch-conference-or-die parent all my lonesome.

Well, again, it was good to see you. Say hello to your mother. I may not see her much this week since I have company coming this weekend and for some strange reason I feel the need to spring clean every single square inch of my house. I doubt the company will look under the beds, but I will feel better knowing if they do, it will be clean under each one.

Take care, Jesse baby,


Perla said...

Jesse made me so happy and so sad on Sunday because he is no longer a tiny baby but a sturdy big baby now. i love that boy! and i love hearing penny sing.

marzee said...

tab and jackson laughed and laughed at the funny pic of jesse. Yes - we do the whole activity station for conference too. I know tab gets jazzed about it - but jackson, not quite as much. I'm hoping he'll grow into the jazziness of conference.

Madsenfam said...

Oh, I just can't believe how big Penny is!! That is so crazy. I remember not long ago holding her across my lap feeding her a bottle. Crazy!! She is so cute! My kids love conference, but what an awesome set-up! Ashton read that way and got so excited! "That's where they watched conference, Mom!?" And love seeing the pictures of Jesse!! He is so adorable!! He's going to be tall! No surprise!

Anna sanders said...

Sigh....i wanna blog...:(

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