Wednesday, April 29, 2009

An Awful Dilemma

I'm in a bit of a pickle. A bit of a fix, you might say.

Oh, alright, the charade is up. I'm not in a fix. There is no pickle. I just have had . . . maybe . . . kind of . . . a little bit of . . . possibly boring-ish posts lately, and I thought that sounded like a fun way to start a post. I would then go on to tell you the full pickle details. You , in return, would eagerly give me your warmest and best advice. I don't even use those cool phrases in real life though, so you should have known the gig was up the minute you read "pickle."

I suppose, however, if one were to consider, it might not be too utterly difficult to discover some quandary about which they might beg a solution. Whether or not that dilemma could be made to sound interesting is quite another matter. I imagine it would help if it were more than simply about items or appointments. It would, no doubt, add greatly to the scenario to have it involve several individuals -- all of whom stood to be either greatly rejoiced or eternally offended by whatever decision was hinging upon me. It also would certainly excite more of a response if the case were such that one or more individuals were either greatly to be pitied, or perhaps better, despised by their hand in turning matters so very conflicting for me. Of course, at that point, it might no longer be able to be classified as a simple pickle -- which seems to denote a rather trivial dilemma.

Alas, I have no such delicious and gossip worthy situation to report or to plead an opinion on. I imagine that deciding whether or not to get rid of all of the lambs ear in my garden, or to sign Abe up for piano lessons this Summer won't cut it. Oh well, you are all more than welcome -- in fact, you are expressly invited to give me any advice on any topic or involving any terrible fix you could imagine. Go ahead. Let's see what you've got.


Perla said...

i think the biggest scruple you have to deal with and that we all have to deal with is whether or not P.E. (you know who i'm talking about) is going to continue to run our lives and make all of our family decisions or not.

Nancy said...

Huh?? I'm searching and searching my brain to figure out PE. Is it funny? Help.

OHHHH!!! Never mind!! I looked at your comment again and finally it came to me and I am laughing and laughing my head off. Thank you thank you. You are right. I hope hope we can all find a mature way of dealing with this.

Tia Juana said...

I don't know WHAT Shannon is talking about. Although I did.

I would like to see you post a very long and prolific post on the environment - not just pretty trees and flowers - and how you are doing your part to recycle and go green and never ever waste another thing, not even diapers, in a landfill ever again. Like, did you buy all of those fancy new lightbulbs for your new house? Do you have a compost pile? Do you burn your dogs poop to fuel your home? He's big enough, and I'm sure his poop is too.

How is that dog by the way. You must really hate him because you never include him in any posts.

Who the heck is PE?

Tia Juana said...

I really wish I would learn how to type when I post a comment.

I meant to say:

I don't know WHAT Shannon is talking about. Although I WISH I did.

Nancy said...

Oh yes, the environment. I'll get on it at once.

As for PE, perhaps I shouldn't post his full name here, but he is a poor fellow who somehow, found himself an unfortunate recipient of some of our family emails (Megan had forwarded us a silly political joke and accidentally -- who knows how -- gotten his email on there . . . I think he was a much older brother of one of her firends). Anyway, he replied to our whole family with scathing words for our small mindedness in giggling over politcal matters. We, who had no idea he was on the email list, were like "huh? who are you? and why are you reading our family emails" at which point he wrote more scathing words at us because the last place -- on all this green earth -- he ever wanted to be was on our foolish and reprehensible family's email.

That was like a year ago, but every now and then we like to ponder "what PE would have to say about this" etc. And I'm sure he would be more disappointed in us than ever were he to know how much we all laugh and have fun at his expense these days (like Shannon commenting above that he is "running our lives and making all of our family decisions" now I am crying laughing some more.

Krista said...

P.E. sounds totally blog worthy! I wanted to see what some of your advice was, because I get in a rut, too. My biggest problem is I want to be funny but there is too much "stinkin'thinkin'" and NO one wants to know what's in my head then. But I'm getting there back to me old self. Must be the weather!

Nancy said...

Oh Krista, as you can see, no one left me a BIT of good advice here. Still, you are oh so wrong about no one wanting to hear your stinkin' thinkin' . . . you know we are all just messed up enough to love to hear other's stinkin' thinkin' :)

Karen said...

Love the lambs ear...but I am a fan, so my opinion on that matter doesn't count. bom bom baaaaam. I'm thinking I would love to hear the details of how you met Mike and your first date. Or why he thinks I look like trouble. Maybe it's my entourage. Truth is...they can be trouble.

Back to your dilemma.....ya...I've got nothin' either.

Nancy said...

Hahah, Oh Karen, I think he was just making fun of himself for telling me that I shouldn't be emailing someone I'd never met because naturally you might be a serial killer -- then there you were at CHURCH with all these darling little girls and I think he thought, "ummm, ok, so probably not a serial killer" Funny.

Yes, let's get together again soon after you get back from whatever dreamy place you are going.

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