Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Some Spring Reckoning

Spring is beginning to occasionally show its cheery little head. Nice as it is to have such pleasant weather, it is forcing me to acknowledge what lies beyond the many indoor projects we have going on . . . which is this:That is one of a number of curb lined, rocky, weed infested areas surrounding our yard.

Here is some of what I accomplished after a full day of spending every moment of Jesse's naps out in these "flower" beds:
Gold and Dais are standing in front of one of SEVEN similarly sized weed piles scattered about the yard, and I am only about half way done (half way done with the big stuff that I could just trim and pull out . . . I haven't even thought about digging out the little low weeds or removing all of the grass that has crept in, and, Spring or no Spring, I refuse to even yet consider wether or not our oddly spongy and straw like lawn will recover).

Now I will comment as I'm sure all of you would if you were here, "Oh Nancy! For goodness sakes! As if you don't have enough going on!"

"Yes, thank you. I am rather overwhelmed by things to be done. I certainly do appreciate your sympathy."
"Well, Nancy, you certainly deserve it, after all, there is a whole lot on your plate. You must be quite the woman."
"Oh posh, I wouldn't go that far . . ."

Alright, enough of that sillyness. I am busy, but I have to secretly admit to you all, and even to myself, that I really kind of like doing stuff like weeding and planting, so at least it isn't like my entire yard is brim full of laundry to be folded and put away; or teaming with showers to be scrubbed. Then I really would be quite miserable. I'll tell you what though, I was pulling out weeds taller than our fence,and uncovering nearly strangled bushes that I'd never have guessed were there -- bushes which had almost given up on ever seeing the light of day again. I think a few more months time and no one would even know our house was here!

Also, here is the nest Daisy and Goldie made while I weeded and trimmed. They put some bread in it and they are quite confident that they will find a bird in it first thing in the morning.


jami said...

nancy, i'm like you. i would much rather be in the yard doing things like that -- even when it is overwhelming -- than folding yet ANOTHER load of laundry or washing ANOTHER dish, or sweeping the floor for the up-teenth time that day. :) at least there is fresh air and sunshine.

your yard looks great ... even in it's to-do list state :) i'm just jealous you don't have snow covering your yard like we do. honestly. :)

good luck with the projects, and at least you have cute little helpers to join you! :)

Tia Juana said...

How smart of you to get such a good jump on those weeds. I would have made the fatal mistake of waiting until they were much more lush and green and deeper rooted than the post-winter-still-dead bushes that were probably easier to pull than the ones I would have waited to pull in their fullness. But just for the record, I am not saying that that job looke easy. Oh no, I would never say such a thing for yard work. Good for you Nancy dear!

And for the record, I would clean your bathrooms, if I lived by you, if you would in turn help me in my yard.

Perla said...

wow, nice job sister! i have to admit that yesterday i was feeling quite sad that i felt i had just way too much to do in the house to get outside and start on some of the stuff that needs to be started on for spring. i so prefer working outside and i really don't mind mowing the lawn and all of that--but it is when there is so much overwhelming stuff going on inside that it all stresses me out. but i am making headway inside...and will this lovely weather last now or will it suddenly shock us and snow again? that is the question, isn't it?

Mugsy said...

HAH! I wish I could be out in the yard! I am not giving you one pat on the back. I won't be looking at that lovely sight probably another two full months. I am jeal-ous

Liz said...

Hmm... that does sound tedious. It looks freezing there with all of the snow covered mountains. You are so brave to start now and not later in spring when things are more discernible as weed or plant. At least your little ones made a nice home for some lonely bird. I hope one really does take up residence in it.

Karen said...

Your girls are darling! Any new residents in that nest yet?

Oh the weeds I need to get a jump on are almost as frightening and I have lived in this house for two years. (No one to blame but myself.) The real question is, you get all those "weeds" out of your basement? :) I recently heard the whole, rumor-style story behind your house.

Nancy said...

Karen, Oh yes, Hahaha. It is all true. In fact a big hit with any visitors is showing them the prior "secret" rooms . . . one of which still has numerous bags of soil. Soooooo . . . weeds may not be all gone yet.

Krista said...

Yeah, I thought your house was de-weeded when you bought it. I'm not very good at yards, so I will be paying someone to design mine. I can hardly get my yard mowed, so low maintenance it must be!

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