Thursday, October 9, 2008

FAQs and Facts

I was thinking how this blog often has loads of random nonsense coupled with only a smattering of what is actually going on in my life or the life of my family. And, I thought that perhaps some of you are looking at my blog for updates (which is why I look at so many of my friend's blogs -- particularly friends who live far away) and not getting them. So, with that in mind, I decided I would post a few quick facts about life at this moment.

Only, my rambly mind encountered a few snags. Here was my thought process and how it panned out:

"Facts. That is what I will call my post."

"Wait, why do websites always list that section as FAQs? That is ridiculous. Sure it sounds like 'facts' but it only saves you one letter and looks silly."

--Later -- as I am brushing my teeth at night--

"Maybe the FA is for 'facts' and the Q is for 'questions.' Facts and Questions -- well, that makes more sense, but FA seems a dumb abbreviation for 'facts.'"

--a little more brushing--

"Ohhh! I know, F is for facts, A is for and, and Q is for questions! It all makes sense! I am so smart to have figured this out!"
At this point I tell Mike pretty much the entire thought process I have just put down here -- shaking my head at how I could have thought that people were just spelling facts in a goofy way with a Q when it so obviously means "facts and questions." But Mike only smiled nicely at me . . . a smile that seemed to say, "My poor dear slow wife -- should I even tell you?" And then he did. It turns out that FAQs means (as I am sure all of you have known all along) "Frequently Asked Questions."

Well, at first I was not happy about this. I'd just stretched my little brain to its very edges to solve this whole thing and it was no fun to discover I had solved it incorrectly. However, my disappointment was replaced by the fact that I can now do this post as if you are all asking me some questions -- frequently -- all of you. That will be much more fun than simply listing facts!

Q: What is happening with houses, Nancy?
A: Well, as you've all asked, who knows. We have found some houses that are medium that would probably be fine and we have found some we could be pretty excited about if the seller drops their price a very very lot. But so far nothing has really caused us to jump excitedly forward.

Q: Well, when are you having that baby of yours anyway?
A: I will be 32 weeks tomorrow so eight weeks to go. That sounds soon doesn't it! Dec. 5th is the due date. My last three have all been exactly one day after their due date -- but maybe that is a fashionably late girl thing . . . and we don't know if this is a girl or boy.

Q: Speaking of boy or girl, do you have any feelings about what this baby is going to be? (A lot of you really have asked this).
A: No, I really don't. I almost think a girl because it is actually really hard for me to imagine a baby boy. Aren't babies supposed to be girls? After three in a row I sort of think that. At the same time, after three in a row I do sort of think a boy would most likely come next. If I did have a special feeling (which I don't) it would most likely be wrong as I was almost spiritually certain Abe was a girl and Goldie was a boy.

Q: How's homeschool going?
A: Really well. Much much better now that we have done a few weeks -- now that I am both familiar with the materials I have and more confident about doing the lessons with out having to follow them word for word.

Q: What is new with your kids?
A: Thank you for asking. They are great. Penny is entering my favorite of all stages -- I think I will have to do a separate post on her soon. Daisy just got a haircut. I was sad to see her length go, but it was all too uneven and really needed a healthy new start. She looks cute. Abe is doing well -- especially now that we have discovered a friend right through my mom's yard who is his same age, same calm temperament and also homeschooled. He is also surprisingly thrilled that Mike helped him make an old tire that Abe found into a tire swing. Goldie is my same very cute fun girl and she really does love to help me all of the time -- but only if it is in secret. I am never supposed to look if she does anything I have asked her to do -- only act happily and shockingly surprised when it is done. And she does think of cute things to do all on her own like carry the entire heavy laundry basket upstairs for me all by herself when she sees I plan on doing laundry.

Q: Is it nice being back near family?
A: Yes, it really is. I was so sad to be leaving my life in WA that I really sort of thought, "Yah, I love family, but what is the big deal about living near them?" But I had forgotten how fun it is to be a part of family Sunday dinners or let my kids get together with cousins or have my own fun sisters and older nieces stop by for visits or to watch Pride and Prejudicey type movies with me. Family is actually very very good. (Here are Daisy and Goldie with some of their cute girl cousins -- many of them wearing vampire teeth).

Q: Do you always give your kids healthy well balanced lunches? (Ha ha, OK, no one has ever asked me that question -- I am only thinking it because I am giving Penny lunch as we speak).
A: I will answer that question with another question. Are hotdogs healthy and well balanced when cut in small pieces? Ohhhh, I am the worst mom ever. Hotdogs. Sheesh.

Q: What was your favorite conference talk?
A: They were all so so great, but my very favorite that really spoke to me the most was President Monson's on gratitude, etc. It was so great. All I should be is the most grateful girl in the world.

Q: Lastly, do you really still think that Halloween Oreos are way better than normal Oreos even though we all know they are just "Double Stuf" Oreos with orange food coloring?
A: Yes, yes I do.

Anyway, I hope that was the fill of updates some of you were most certainly craving. If not, feel free to submit more questions for my next addition of FAQs (that's "frequently asked questions" for those of you just tuning in).


Tia Juana said...

Funny ... I thought for sure someone would ask you if you have gotten gas lately?????

So, I guess I will ... Nancy dear, have you gotten your truck filled up with gas?

And on a side note, have you noticed how horrible the bathrooms at Wally World are?

One time I saw a very cute blonde mother, oddly much like you, washing her hands and feet in the sink of a Wally World bathroom whilst her little ones clamored around the stalls - the youngest even CRAWLING ON THE FLOOR of the Wally World Bathroom! YIKES! Wait a second ... I didn't actually see this, I only heard about it from a friend and the visual was so real, it seemed that I really had seen it. It was so real in fact that I dry heaved whilst she was telling me about it!!!!! Now ... that would be something!!!

So anyway, have you gassed up lately, or seen the Wally World Bathrooms?

And seriously, just so you know that we ARE NORMAL in every sense of the word!!!, I only found out about a year or so ago that FAQS was not FACTS spelled terribly wrong - like a text message that is cooly spelled so one might be cyberly hip and cool.

It was nice to hear your FACS! (As in Family and Consumer Sciences which is what they call FACS here in the Middle School! This here post was absolutely all about your Family and Consumer Sciences!)

Oh my, this was a very long comment. I have more to say too, because I went to a gas station today and it made me think of you but alas, I wasn't getting gas. I will have to email you. Or copy this whole comment to a blog post on my own blog. What this is YOUR blog??? I think I am confused.

Lover of Sweets said...

Don't feel too bad Nanc, I too just figured out the FAQ thing not too long ago. The same things went through my head...seriously word for word. I do give myself a small amount of credit though; since I did figure it out without my husband's help. I am sooooo relieved that I didn't go to him with THAT one. I'm sure he could tell you lots of cool things that in my little mind have seemed the way things should be for all of my life practically, but please don't ask him. I will feel way too dumb.

Fun party yesterday! My ghouls (ha ha) had so much fun with their cute little cousins.

Tia Juana said...

Oh, and PS an hour later, I think that the Halloween, the Easter, and perhaps the Valentine's Day, Oreos are all way better than regular ones. And I don't think it has anything to do with comparing them to double-stuffs because I never even buy the double stuffs.

(And I know these things from experience because I'm eating a Halloween Oreo RIGHT NOW!)

Perla said...

ha ha ha. funny about faqs! silly girl! i loved reading all of these things. good job.
thanks for the fun party for the girls yesterday. will you send me more pics or post more? is this the photo where you think goldie and addie look the same?

Karen said... crack me up. I was starting to think that I had FAQ's all wrong.

Liz said...

I'm so glad Mike broke the news about FAQ's. Because as I was reading your thoughts I certainly didn't want to be the one to tell you. I thought I was always the one asking you- "what does that word mean?" since your family had a much larger vocabulary than mine. This was a very fun and informative blog. Thanks!

jami said...

oh nancy- i love your ALWAYS makes me smile. i love that this "interview" with yourself really made me hear you asking and answering yourself. (did that make sense ... anyhoo it gave me a funny mental picture).

oh, and thank you for the halloween oreo advice. i've been looking at them and wondering if i dare try them, knowing how much i love the regular kind but am not too crazy about eating something that orange. :)

Mashies said...

oh, nancy, nancy! thank you so much for still checking my blog after these many years of no new posts. you are such a wonderful auntie! and thanks ever so much for leaving comments. i was SO surprised this morning to see that i had comments that i shrieked loudly and had hiram quite concerned. i loved this post though i was nervous for the longest time that you would never discover what FAQs really stood for. thank heavens you finally did. =) also, i thought that format was a really fabulous idea and might save you from having to answer three million times the same stinkin' questions. i love you.

Women Afire said...

Love the facts (FAQs) - I think I'll use that one on Jon - just so he can correct me and laugh. Sounds like Mike was sweet and nice about it - my husband would laugh, laugh, laugh it up (just as I did when I read your post). Love hearing your updates. Tabitha's birthday is coming - and I'm so blue that Daisy can't be here. She wants a "dress up" party . . . and I'm still not sure how we're going to do it - when we're moving the day of her birthday - and are sure to have everything in boxes a few days prior to - and yet, if I don't - Jon will give me the "bad mother of the year" award (he thought my idea of cake at the new house with just the family wasn't good enough - she needs her friends - who we're leaving behind). And truthfully - isn't it kinda "wrong" for me to invite her new Kindergarten friends and primary friends over for a party - bearing gifts - when we're leaving a couple of days later . . . . never to be around for reciprocation of said gifts at their future parties? It seems kinda sneaky and low. I'm torn. Advice?


Rhonda said...

You crack me up!! I LOVED this post. Thanks for the creative update.

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