Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bedazzling Postscript

So, yesterday I mentioned that my girls' bedazzler was specifically called a GeMagic. I've seen that box, sitting on top of my fridge for five days now and not once did it occur to me that GeMagic is really a clever way of saying "Gem Magic." (Thank you Aunty Juana for telling me that in yesterday's comment section). I don't like to feel alone in my ignorance, but I was certain that no one else would have realized that either (which is why I wanted to post the news -- because I knew you would all feel much more excited when you thought of buying something that works magic with gems than when you thought of buying something with a name that made no sense . . . ge-magic).

Still, just to show my new found smarts off, I said to Mike last night, "Do you have any idea what that name on the box really is saying?"

"What do you mean?" He replied.

"Do you know what that is -- 'gemagic'?"

"No," he corrected me, "It isn't 'ge-magic;' it's 'gem magic.'"

Anyway, now I am thinking that maybe everyone clearly saw that it was trying to be gem magic -- everyone but me (oh, and Shannon -- thanks Shan), and that reminds me of how I knew exactly what FAQ's stood for (oh no I didn't), and now I am banging my head on the table and my fists as well as I cry to you all, "I was SMART!! I was so smart once!! I tell you I was!!" (bang banging of fists and a few moans), "I was the one Megan liked to call braniac! I was the "Outstanding Zoology" graduate with a 4.0!! I was the high scorer on every Genetics test and a lab instructor and, I was SMAAAARRRRTTT!!" Cry cry cry . . . sniffle. And at the end of that rant you will all say gently, "But Nancy dear, . . . what is gemagic really trying to say?" Then, you will add softly, "And did you or did you not spew gasoline all over yourself at a gas station recently?" (But that will be for later -- yes Tia, it is coming). And I will just nod as I wipe my eyes and blow my nose and know that what once was can not always remain. NOOOO!! I won't give up that easilly!! I am SMART, I am!! I am pretty much a genius!!!! GeMagic -- sheesh.


Lover of Sweets said...

Sheesh is right! Get over it! We WERE all smart before all these dang kids I like to call brain cell thieves! Granted we were not ALL as smart as you once were.
I too read it "GEE MAGIC". Tia Juana is the smart one and I'm ok with that. oh and so is Mike apparently. Just be grateful you have him to guide you through this life and these difficult times of pure dumbness.

Tia Juana said...

And here I am - the Smartie Pants Goddess of the Blog - to, along with Mike, guide you through your magical life of Gems! And what a Smartie Pants Tease you are to 'kind of' post the gas story ... oh, tease tease tease!

Post it all ready! So I can feel as smart as you!

And, for the record, I have never been smart. Just clever - thinking outside the box - or actually on the box, whichever you prefer.


Krissy-loo said...

Does it say anywhere in the scriptures that our minds will be restored as well as our bodies in the resurrection? Because I really hope so! Also, the ones who really weren't smart were the makers of this infamous Gemagic, who didn't check properly with their marketing specialists to see if the general public would easily know how to say the name the right way! So there.

Perla said...

i agree with kristen. what idiot marketing execs. and why haven't i heard a gas story? whats up?

i'm starting to get stupider again now that i'm pregnant. i can't remember stuff at all.

ge-magic, shme-magic!

Karen said...

Hang in there! I'm pretty sure this a temporary condition caused by children. That's my story anyway and I'm sticking to it. I had no idea about Gematic.

Liz said...

I think we were all a little smarter once when other things besides sesame street and Diego were more important. I just keep telling myself that when my kids are grown maybe my brain will turn back from the mush that it is now to the grand brain that it once was. Sigh...probably not.

BS and the Kids said...

I am pretty sure you were smart and still are. I can remember studying with you in Israel and you just having it down so much quicker than the rest of us and then doing so well on tests. But I do have to agree, I think anyone who has had kids has lost a few brain cells along the way. Sorry about your little pumpkin tragedy. It happens, but you were pretty ingenious with the toothpicks-I tried tape Ha ha. Now I will have to go back and tape my princesses cleft lip back together.

BS and the Kids said...

I mean stick! Not tape

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