Thursday, July 31, 2008

Little Baby Whoever You Are

Today was my “big” ultrasound, and here is my 22 week belly. Sigh. I can find flattering enough poses to put on here, but you catch one candid of me and it is just plain discouraging. Anywho, it was kind of odd going to the ultrasound because even though the point of the “big” ultrasound is to check that all is developing well, etc, the point for most of us is really to find out the baby’s gender and we are not finding out our little one’s gender this time around. Won’t it be a fun surprise when I am in the hospital and they hold up our baby and say, “It’s a ____!” It will be fun. I don’t know what made me want to keep it a surprise this time. I’ve never wanted to before, but I made certain that the technician didn’t even put a picture of that area in the charts because I don’t want a doctor or nurse to accidentally tell me. So, it was still fun to see little baby and to see that yes, it is indeed a baby. She said baby weighed about 15 oz. right now, but I think she calculated incorrectly because I am currently only 5 lbs. away from my final weight at the end of my pregnancy with Abe (and I have 18 weeks to go), but I am pretty certain that is only because I have a 20 pound baby in there! It will make for an awful delivery but won’t it be nice to have all that weight gone so quickly? Here is little unnamed baby (yah, we don’t even have a name for our sweet boy or girl). She didn’t get any very good pictures – they were all a bit blurry, but you can see a cute little pug nose and little one’s arm reaching above its head. She couldn’t get a good face shot forever because baby had its hand covering its face as if to hide from the camera. Maybe we have a little star and he/she is just practicing shunning the paparazzi.

P.S. Remember when I used to sometimes write funny and occasionally clever posts? Those were fun days, weren’t they? I am too tired to be clever anymore, but I liked this old post. I think it was before most friends knew about my blog, so it might seem like a new fun post and then you’ll forget how unfunny I’ve become (and feel free to comment there as well . . . that might be funny).

Oh, P.S. Again. If you do pick 5 lbs. of blueberries and you have a very darling little baby who loves those blueberries and wants to eat them and eat them, and you love her to eat them because they are full of antioxidant power (go antioxidants) and because they are soft and, unlike her beloved grapes, not very chokey . . . still, even if all those things are true, you might not want to let her eat a pound or so herself unless you like to change diapers -- A LOT.


Tia Juana said...

Don't even talk to me about unflattering preggie pics, Little Miss Tiny Tummy! Sheesh - don't even go there with me!

How brave of you to not find out! I could never do that. It sounds so romantic to not know but it kills me that I can know so I must know. I'm too much of a planner. I think it is funny that I think it is a brave thing to not find out. So that must mean that everyone before 1990 was EXTRA brave cause they never knew! That is why you rarely see yellow or green newborn clothes anymore.

So, just wondering, does the poop come out blue?

Liz said...

You must have been tiny when you had Abe because you are looking tiny right now. I'm happy to see your little baby bump since in other pictures in your past posts I believe you were trying to hide it, always standing behind Mike or a piece of well placed furniture. How exciting to be like in olden times and not find out the gender until you deliver. I think I would go insane not buying any little baby clothes along the way. I can't wait to see what you end up with!

Perla said...

I am very excited that you are waiting to find out but I just don't see how you can. I really like to have everything planned in my life that can possibly be planned. I love the ultrasound pic of my new little niephew!

I can tell you readers that Nancy looks fantastic because I saw her in person just a week ago and she is very darling pregnant or otherwise.

And thanks for the link to an old funny post since you don't feel like being funny right now. That was funny.

Thanks for the b-day wishes, too!

Lover of Sweets said... pug pug is cute as a button!
Congrats on finding out that you are truly having a baby and I will pray for you when you go natural to give birth to your 20 lb. baby.

jami said...

you have the cutest belly! oh, to look that way at 22 weeks! i think i looked that way at 22 days with my boys. :)

we didn't find out with either of our kids ... it's actually really fun but just be sure you don't do what i did. i was SURE miles was a girl and was so hopeful so when my nice dr held him up and said, "it's a boy!" i said, "it is?" in that "are you kidding me?" tone of voice ... he just looked at me and said, "i can put him back if you want." oh. i still feel a little bad that one day miles may find out i was a little said he wasn't going to be my baby in pink, but it's all good. :) i still love him and i'm ALL for the baby surprise! :)

Nancy said...

Oh SHan, you are so nice to say that even when you totally saw me in my large and in charge dress on Sunday. Cry cry.

P -- you wish I would have a natural 20 lb baby. I told you, I proved whatever I had to to my little self now drug me up. Drug me up I say!

Tia -- more dark purple if you really must know.

Jame -- I could picture me doing that. I think I did with Abe's ultrasound because I was so certain he was a girl. Luckily I don't have the faintist idea what this baby could be so I am not expecting one sort. I didn't know you'd kept your boys a surprise though! How fun.

Tash said...

you look so good and your tummy is so super small!!
I love the ultra sound picture. It was fun chatting too.
Glad you are keeping it a surprise. I am too much of a control freak but maybe I could do it.

Mugsy said...

O sister I was so getting prepped for you to say "It's a---!" But now now I ahve to sit and wait. That was a dear little face on the ultra sound though. I love you and will keep your pregnacy and the sweet little babe in my prayers!

marzee said...

We never knew what our kids were because they were so modest - the surprise was always fun!!! I wish you would be here for me to see the little one, but alas - no! I'll just have to log onto the blog for all of the exciting updates.

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