Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This and That

Look at these pictures. I know it looks like such a darling little baby bump, and it is (particularly because I looked through 300 pictures until I found the ones that made me look ten times skinnier than I really am – I get particularly truthful when it is late and I am tired), but it's the earliness of the bump’s appearance that calls its cuteness into question. I am 15 weeks but it has been quite obvious since about 9. I look at pictures of me with my first pregnancy and even at 21 weeks there wasn’t much sign of anything going on in there. Now, I don’t even have to be pregnant, someone merely has to say the word “pregnant” and my stomach says, “What? That old story? Noooo problem.” And out it pops.

Next, I’ve been a little vague with my kids about Santa Claus because although I love the fella myself, it makes me a little uncomfortable to be untruthful with them when they are so darned trusting. With that said, it is funny that the tooth fairy has spun a bit out of control. I don’t know how it happened really, but somehow they now expect notes detailing exactly what the dear tooth fairy will be using their particular tooth for (sometimes as a piece in her window sill or perhaps to patch a hole in her roof – as her house and everything in it is made of these beloved little teeth). Here is Daisy’s note for today’s lost tooth:

That’s right, she wants to know her tooth fairy’s name; and, in case you couldn’t read the small print at the bottom, she promises she won’t tell. I asked Daisy if there is one tooth fairy or lots (because that is a lot of pressure naming THEE tooth fairy). Luckily, she said, “lots.” I think she will be pleased if Twinkle or Stardust or Glittery pays her a visit tonight. How has this happened? The only thing we were ever told about the tooth fairy was that it was our neighbor Ruth (we were skeptical but the idea was certainly intriguing – elderly Ruth flitting about, collecting teeth and leaving us money). Oh well, they only have so many teeth to lose and then they will be forced to abandon the tooth fairy as she will have abandoned them for other loose toothed children.

Lastly, I can’t wait for Penny to start talking. My very favorite kid stage is the stage when they are old enough to talk but young enough that most things they say are ridiculous or just very funny like when Abe was about two and I asked him to go tell Mike we needed him to fix the light bulb in his room. As he ran off to do his job I heard, “Dad, could you fix the old bob in your room.” Then there was a pause before Abe said, “What’s an old bob?” Another time he was singing humpty dumpty and he sang how all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put humpty “together forever” again.

That’s what I love, but now my kids are getting just old enough to sound a bit too sensible. Still, the cool stuff isn’t quite all said and done. Goldie in particular still does a fair job. Here is a little recent stuff from around here:

Goldie (very frustrated as she tries to “scrub” the tub while she and Penny have a bath): Mom, Penny keeps splashing and splashing while I keep cleaning and cleaning!
Me: Well, she’s just a very splashy baby, there’s not much we can do.
Goldie: But is there ANYTHING we can do!?!

Abe: Mom, oatmeal dropped into my belly button.

Goldie: Mom, I like you best when you have babies.

Goldie: I love you even when you’re having a bad day, and I love you even when you’re really . . . (pause to study me) . . . mad.

Goldie: Mom, can you put Penny for naps. Every time I clean up she just messes everything up again! (Welcome to my world Goldie).

Abe: What if it wasn’t that we grew bigger, but our clothes actually grew smaller.
Daisy: Maybe that is what happens.
Abe: Then how do we GET bigger?
Daisy: I don’t know.

Goldie: Mom, there are two kinds of kids. The kind of kid that’s a goat and the kind of kid you love, like me, I’m that kid. (Yes, she very much is).
P.S. Mike and I did have a few good laughs coming up with tooth fairy names last night and Mike folded her a butterfly out of a dollar. Also, I heard Mike talking to his brother Greg last night using words like, "gigabytes" and "megahertz." If you know his brother, you know this wouldn't be a surprising conversation to overhear. Still, Mike was very vague after hanging up in telling me what they'd talked about (which could of course be because he knows I don't understand those crazy words), but, it turns out he was getting info. on laptops for me! He gave in and told me before ordering one because he wanted to let me choose the color. I chose red. I know that isn't super sophisticated, but think of the fun I will have with my little red laptop, especially during the next few months of moving and living who knows where and having our computer all boxed up. Sometimes my stomach hurts because I love Mike too much.


Mugsy said...

Man i love this post! And I love how beautiful my sister is! And I love that Mike would get you a computer because he knew you would be at a loss without your blog and what not. I love my/your little ones! And my Goldie just really pulls my heart strings. Do you have a new camera? It takes reall nice pics. I need to get one. My horse comes tomorrow, so expect a lot of calling for advice soon....So try to answer your phone once in awhile!

Tia Juana said...

Okay. Your pregger days are my good slim hot tamale days! Maybe I should start running. With fake mace like you.

Tooth fairy.... we have not had many conversations about her which I find funny given all the conversations others seem to be having about her. Erin when asked the other day how much the tooth fairy might leave her for yet another lovely tooth said, i don't know what my dad will leave. Hum.

Your kids are way funny than mine. Now mine are very cute, but yours are way funnier.

And lastly, I am so very jealous of your red hot tamale lap top.

This was a great post and if I wasn't dying of lyme disease (seriously in bed yesterday for 18 hours straight sleeping) I would be more clever in my responses.

jami said...

what a great post. my favorite (ok. really - there were lots of favorites in this one) was the conversation between abe and daisy about getting big -- clothes getting smaller or us?? :) so fun, and so inquisitive. :)

you are THE cutest prego person i know. i so wish i looked like that when i was pregnant ... oh well. :)

congrats on the new laptop. what a sweet hubby you have (and creative. butterfly dollars? seriously? where'd he learn to do that?) ... when do you make the move? :) i wish i was still going to be here ...


Rhonda said...

I was smiling and laughing all throughout this post. First of all, you are GORGEOUS!! You look like a model. Seriously. I was cracking up reading Abe and Daisy's "getting bigger" conversation and at all of the things Goldie says. I love that Mike folded the dollar into a butterfly, and that you are naming the tooth fairy. AND I am super excited about you getting a little red laptop. How fun!

jerissy said...

Nancy, you are too funny! I always love your posts and I'm always learning and getting great ideas from you. Love the tooth fairy ideas... I'll have to remember that. And I love the kids quotes. Can't wait for my little guys to start talking more. I'm glad you're getting a laptop... so you can keep blogging and keep us all posted during the transition. Man, we are really going to miss you guys!

Tash said...

yeah they do pop out sooner and sooner dont they?
Kids are so funny\/fun in that stage.

Tash said...

p.s. you do look really GREEAAT! (said in Tony the Tiger's voice)

Perla said...

i think it is great that you have a bump because then people know you are pregnant instead of wondering if you are just getting fatter. very cute bump, indeed.

i loved every bit of this post. i always love reading the funny things your kids say.

i love you and am glad that you will have a shiny new red laptop to keep blogging with but am more excited that soon you will be close enough that we can blah blah blah in person.

BS and the Kids said...

You are so cute, especially pregnant. I remember those days of not showing all too well, it is just too bad it really does pop out so much quicker, it makes me feel like I am pregnant forever. After all the discussion about the tooth fairy you never did tell us what name you came up with, is that top secret? I am jealous you are getting a new laptop. I have been asking Brett for a little bit now, I need one so I can do some digiscraping. My computer now just doesn't have enough RAM (that's memory in case you wondering)>

Liz said...

This is by far my favorite post. I loved it. By the way, half way through reading it I realized Meg was reading over my shoulder as she often does when I am interrupting her computer time, by annoyingly checking a few blogs. I didn't think anything of it until I realized she still likes to believe in the tooth fairy. At that point I quickly ordered her out of the room and told her she cold not read your post. She probably thinks we write about really naughty stuff now, but at least, I hope, her tooth fairy believing days are not over. I too have problems with Santa, but curiously not with the tooth fairy. By the way you are a sexy pregnant girl!

Nancy said...

Thanks all for saying I look lovely. Something about the black dress and the angle of the pics made me look 50 lbs lighter than I look in person . . . which is of course why I posted them. I need some confidence boosting pics even if they aren't reality (after all, I still had a good 10 lbs of Penny weight starting out htis pregnancy!!)

Megs, just my same old old camera. I just have to take shots in the brightest sun ever so it doesn't use its flash that somehow ruins the color of my pics.

Jame, we are coming end of August. I'm sure you'll be long gone :(

Oh Sar, of course I don't even know wht on earth digiscraping is, but I hope you get a lap top so you can do it :)

Liz, I alos worried after I posted this because Abe occasionally likes to read my blog . . . and he would not like this tooth fairy business!

Gracie J said...

At least you aren't more famous. If you were, there would have been so much speculation in the tabloids early on that you might be prengnant!!!!

Tell Mike to stop folding cool dollar bills (I WANT ONE) then maybe your kids won't believe so heavily in the tooth fairy. We still believe in everything around this house. Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa Claus. Ana ALSO writes a note to the tooth fairy every time she loses and tooth and I made the sore mistake of writing back (as the tooth fairy) the first time in a very labor intensive fancy scrawl and now she expects the same thing every time. Man what a racket! I guess it's good that they have something fun to believe in, so much stuff in this world just sucks that it's nice to have cool things to count on when you're little.

Melissa, Ryan and Addy said...

You look like such a cute pregnant lady to me! Also, I love the note your little lady wrote to the tooth fairy. It's so funny how creative kids are in what they think about and say. I consider having a laptop a blessing and a curse. I know for a fact that I wouldn't check people's blogs nearly as much as I do without one. But on the other hand it is convienent, just a bit too convienent for a girl like me!

Gracie J said...

Oh that is so awesome that you are getting a new laptop. What brand is it???

jocelyn said...

Love the baby bump.

Nancy said...

WHAT!! It is a lucky day indeed when all three of the Jones sisters comment in a row! How did this happen?! Jess, I know you love the fancy scrawling of the tooth fairy business, so no more complainin' and the computer -- it's a Dell. You love Dell Shanz though so . . .

Melissa, yes I can see how I might get carried away with the laptop so handy. Do you have google reader? It's free and you just type in all the blogs you go to and it keeps track of any new posts, so I don't waste time checking everyone's all the time, I just click on google reader and see who has new posts. It's super.

Harmony said...

Thanks for stopping by my place, and getting creeped out. ;)

I LOVE baby bumps...and you look great! I can't think of anything better than being pregnant, and having a baby.

Your kids sound adorable...and you seem to capture their innocence perfectly...I love it when bloggers post cute little things their kids say.

Bradshaw said...

Nancy you look amazing! And I love your posts, you always write such funny things.


Nicole said...

Nancy! So sorry that I have been such the slacker and sorts on this blog of yours!! I do love to come see your posts...Now, in the sprit of your post on the Tooth Fairy, I have to tell you a funny little tooth fairy story from our family. Well, one year when my youngest sister lost her tooth she put it under her pillow and the "Tooth Fairy" left her a check. Yeah..a real check. And do you think my sister knew who the tooth fairy was then! And who doesn't have a quarter or something to leave!

Mugsy said...

I just realized why you look a bit confused as you are looking at your pregnant belly.....Its because you can't see past your boobs to see if it is really there....

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