Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Daisy Doodle

Alright, time to do my Daisy tag. I love that girl. I was so amazed and so in love with my first born that I remember worrying I wouldn’t quite find my next so wonderful. Of course I was wrong, and I now know I will be just as enamored with each new child, but I remember holding little Daisy on one of her first days home from the hospital, just looking into her eyes, and being hit with such an overwhelming love that it was unearthly. I started crying and didn’t want to look away from her because it was such an amazing moment and I didn’t want to break the wonder of it.

She is usually our “Doodles.” I’m not sure how, but of all the many nicknames my kids start life with, it eventually boils down to one, and I have no idea where Doodles came from.

1. She can be very dramatic and 2. She loves to be loved. These points are very different but somehow go together as I try to describe her. She really can be full of drama. She can become angry a bit easily and she can weep and weep over the smallest problem as if the entire world has come crushing down upon her. Yesterday she was upset because she didn’t like how Abe and Goldie intended to play a matching game. After some angry words, she began weeping and wailing. Literally. She went off to the garage as she told me she was “leaving forever.” She stayed in their sobbing about how “no one is nice to her” extremely loudly for a VERY long time. Eventually she felt, perhaps, that her loud cries would be better headed if she came inside. My poor girl, this type of thing occurs so easily for her. BUT, as to loving to be loved -- never have I seen a girl who adores to be loved as much as my Daisy. If I’m being patient enough (which I often am not), I can generally cure these dramatic outbursts by simply insisting she come snuggle me, and then rubbing her back or kissing her head and telling her how much I love her. It is pretty much the quickest cure for any misbehavior. Usually she just gets so darn happy to be being so loved that she can’t help but make happy little contented cuddling sounds. She really does thrive on that type of thing. She loves to be given attention and hugs and praise. It always makes her smile this smile that is so big and so happy along with a little bit shy that it breaks our hearts and we never want her to grow out of it. If you sneak a peak at her when someone is telling a story of something wonderful happening to some lonely sad child she has the same joyous smile.

3. She is so creative. I have posted a bit about some of her creations before, but she is a crafty little thing. I love to see the things she comes up with. Everything is something. An old McDonalds French fry container becomes a bed for a little toy, etc. The other day she took a round, washed out, cream cheese tub; hooked strings to it and turned it into a back pack for her doll. I remember when she was only 1 ½ or so she would be sitting in her highchair eating when one piece of chicken would suddenly come to life, running after a chunk of potato calling, “Wait for me, Mommy!” Or when riding in the car with no toys, her fingers would become little people talking and playing with one another.

4. She’s bright. With Abe and Daisy being in school one year apart, it has been fun to see her following along right after her brother -- learning the same things he has learned and just as quickly. She is nearly up to par with him on math and is a great little reader.

5. She loves girly things so much. Princesses, fairies, the fancy Christmas dresses her sweet aunt Kathy has bought for her, going about singing and dancing -- you name it – anything that a girly girl would enjoy my Daisy does. Unlike several of her friends, who want nothing more than to spy on Abe and his pals when they are around, she still has very little time for boys. One boy at school has announced he’s her boyfriend (and she seems to have accepted that all too easily), but she prefers to be floating happily about as a fairy with nary a thought of boys – though I’m sure all this primping might someday lead toward an interest in such things. I love that Mike can do sweet things for our girls (rather than just think of good “boy stuff” for Abe). He and Daisy went shopping for a lawn mower the other day. While at the mall (Sears was the lawn mower store), he let her get some butterfly clip on earrings. She has been so careful with them and so pleased with herself when she wears them.

She’s a happy bright little soul who is always excited about running off to have new adventures . . . although, with just enough pause of shy hesitation before diving in, that it makes her bravery very endearing. We really like that she is ours.


Rhonda said...

I just love the way that you have so perfectly described Daisy. You seem to be so in tune with each of your children's individual personalities and dispositions. I have so enjoyed being around Daisy when I have had the chance to. She is so easy to love, so thoughtful, and says some of the sweetest things. I remember one time when we were at Gayle and Al's getting ready for church and Greg walked out in his Sunday clothes. She looked at him and said (in that really sweet way that she says things), "Greg, you are just too cute!" I love that she gives and receives compliments so well. Can't wait to see her in a few months!

Nancy said...

Thanks Rhonda, I read your talk from your dad's funeral yesterday and it made me cry when you talked about how when you'd misbehave he would sit you on his lap and just be so loving. Daisy is so much that same way and I don't do it enough. Reading that made me want to try much harder to be with her how your dad was with you.

Perla said...

that pic of her in the gray shirt with her hair down and curly is super stunning! grace came in while reading this and said, 'why is daisy only cute?' i am having to work on this a lot lately...the idea that she can be cute and others can be cute, too (or talented or loved or whatever).
loved the post and love that girl. i am fully anticipating that by the time you get here and buy a house you like, we will have sold our house and will buy one within blocks or houses of you. what do you think?

Liz said...

That Daisy is lovely and certainly lives up to her name. I love how she has her food talk to each other - so very imaginative. Sometimes I wish my kids would use their imaginations more! I think she has a little middle child syndrome like Quaid - he thrives on love and attention!

Nancy said...

Yes please Shan. Next door would probably be best.

Mugsy said...

Man I love my little Daisy.
Honestly those are some of the cutest pictures ever!

Tash said...

I loved loved loved this post about Daisy "Doodles" yes it is a very natural nick name for a Daisy. So it was great to learn more of her I especially liked the cream cheese tub backpack!!!!
dontcha just love when their fingers become toys and have little conversations with each other???

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