Friday, October 27, 2017

Some Last Bits of Fall


The last of our backyard leaves fell this week.


Looking out at our bare, winter-ready trees I find it hard to believe I took these pictures only a week ago.

IMG_9796IMG_9792IMG_9820IMG_9827IMG_9828IMG_9784(That last picture of Anders makes me chuckle. I don’t know why. Something about his little helmet/life-jacket/running. And I don’t know why any of them were in such spectacular apparel. I don’t recall “safety” ranking high in their list of considerations for outside play.)


But it’s still fairly colorful elsewhere about town and overall it’s been a perfect fall (and leaves on the ground to crunch has it’s own charm).


The end. (Oh, except for: Goldie makes paper bats and a little magic.)

Photo Oct 19, 2 09 45 PMPhoto Oct 19, 9 19 47 PMPhoto Oct 19, 9 24 07 PM


Beautify Pacify said...

I am amazed by the last, magical pictures!! :)

Marilyn said...

I looooove those warm rainbow colors in your backyard!! So beautiful. That first picture!! And all the dusky ones. Those just seem SO Fallish. I will be asking you about your camera settings. :)

I love little babushka Goldie. With her bats.

Nancy said...

Marilyn --

I used a wide open aperture because I wanted some good blurry leaves. (I was between 2.5 and 3.2 in most of the pics I took of just my leaves). I didn't need to bump up my ISO because even though it was evening, I was shooting right into the light of the sun going down and my shutter speed was plenty fast. Since I was in manual mode, I just kept slowing my shutter speed down to get brighter pics and then speeding it up to get duskier pics. But I could have done the exact same thing is Aperture mode by shifting that exposure line to overexpose and then underexpose.

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