Friday, February 5, 2016

Mette . . . and some other kids.

“I didn’t say you couldn’t draw narwhals. You can draw all the narwhals you want! I just said you can’t draw narwhals on my mirror.” (Such a strange thing – discovering a need to call upon such words.)


The other day Abe informed me (cautiously), “Mom, I’m not complaining or anything, but I’ve just noticed that every time you ask me to help you clean the kitchen, . . . I just end up cleaning the kitchen myself.”

After a good laugh, I explained to him that the word “by” would help unravel the confusion in this (apparently) common occurrence. “Abe, will you help me by cleaning the kitchen?”


Goldie tried practicing the art of conversation with Daisy earlier this week. Afterwards she came to me and said, “Mom, I tried to talk to Daisy about everything I could think to talk about, but she didn’t help think of anything to talk about at all. She just kept going back to reading her book! I asked her everything I could think to about Jr. High and about Valentines, but then I couldn’t think of anything else, and she really wouldn’t help at all.”

Abe chimed in helpfully by asking her if she’d tried “the weather”, but she’d had enough one-sided conversation for the day and wasn’t interested.


Mette, perhaps, appears in more than her fair share of photos lately. (You may have noticed I just used pictures solely of Mette while I discussed various other children.) But it is just SO so easy with a mostly immobile subject. I just set her wherever it pleases me, and . . . take pictures. Those other kids have to be caught on the sly, or coaxed. And Summer will, most often, be neither caught nor coaxed. And besides. Look how cute in that picture above how Mette is trying to tell her rhino brace to “peace out”. Unfortunately it’s hanging around until April at least.


But, look, I did catch Jesse demonstrating to Anders how to use my tripod (and even take pictures) not long ago (and all in appropriate photo-taking apparel):


And what do we have here? Goldie and Penny and a jumprope.


And I have managed to catch a few of Summersby. And Anders because he’s here with me all day. (And Thomas. Because he’s mostly here with me all day too.)


Abe? Daisy? Hm. Well, in lieu of them, I think I can rustle up another picture or two of . . .


(She’s not supposed to sleep without her brace, but what can you do when she passes out mid play?)

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Marilyn said...

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. That elephant dress!!!! How can you even stand it. And those cheeks! She's a darling little baby bee, that Mette. No wonder you want to take pictures of her all the time!

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