Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Brief for the Defense

" . . . We must have the

stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless

furnace of this world. To make injustice the only

measure of our attention is to praise the Devil.

. . .

We must admit there will be music in spite of everything. . . ."

(A few lines from the poem “A Brief for the Defense”)


I love the idea that we must occasionally be stubborn and determined when it comes to accepting joy. That we must hold to it fiercely and admit that even in the darkest times, there truly will still be music to cling to. 


Unrelated. Or, perhaps perfectly related:

Anders, at four, has likely lived past his days of any true toddlerhood. I can never quite get over the fact that in all of FOREVER these little humans of mine will exist only once – for such a tiny speck of time -- as the baby or two year old version of themselves; and that it’s only in my mind that those bits of them will continue to exist. And yet . . . they are such huge parts of them. And of me. While I do have my own personal thoughts that keep developing strength on how all these parts of our lives will be . . . clearly there. Clearly a part of us. Forever. (Only temporarily obscured by weak mortal memory.) They are more feeling – part hope and part surety – than words. (The idea was expressed somewhat in this post.)

So, for now: some last remnants of his toddlerhood:

He recently saw a dog that looked just like a “woof”. (That would be wolf). And, when I send him off to his room for a little “quiet time” around noon, he asks if he can have a “sroot snack” to take with him.

Photo Jan 14, 9 18 26 AMPhoto Jan 14, 9 17 44 AMPhoto Jan 14, 9 36 14 AM

The other day he announced, “Mom, I’m ginna draw an alligator.” And then, as he began drawing lots of things poking off of an oval, he continued, “And alligators have tons of legs.” Then, a pause, and, in a tone that seemed to suggest he was as surprised as anyone he added, “Even on their heads.”

On Sunday, he was snuggled up next to me on the couch, when suddenly he lifted his head and said, “Mom! I can hear your heart pa-pumming!” I love “pa-pumming”.

Enough of that. A few more pictures. And this:

My kids can oft times be found, for want of anything better to do, playing, “Would you rather.” I tried to join in the other day with a “Would you rather shoot lasers out of your eyes or have pointy metal teeth?” But I was mocked out of the game. Apparently “pointy metal teeth” was far beneath their creativity standards. They just kept shaking their heads and chuckling to each other, “Pointy metal teeth. Oh mom.” Pointy metal teeth are so yesterday. I guess like . . . everyone has pointy metal teeth.

Photo Jan 07, 4 17 01 PM (1)Photo Jan 08, 2 32 37 PMPhoto Jan 09, 5 04 48 PMPhoto Jan 14, 8 36 17 AMPhoto Jan 15, 11 13 06 AMPhoto Jan 09, 4 54 28 PMPhoto Jan 14, 3 09 38 PMPhoto Jan 21, 8 55 15 AMPhoto Jan 15, 5 40 05 PMPhoto Jan 21, 9 30 43 PMPhoto Jan 20, 1 33 56 PMPhoto Jan 17, 12 35 41 PM (1)Photo Jan 22, 3 44 50 PMPhoto Jan 09, 4 54 48 PMPhoto Jan 20, 1 33 49 PM


Kara said...

those bluuuuuuue eyes mixed with red headband. *gasp*

And how is that hip brace situation going? Does it bother her while sleeping? I don't suppose she's rolling around in sleep yet?

Nancy said...

She is shockingly unbothered by sleeping with it, Kara! She wasn't yet rolling in sleep -- which was probably good so it didn't suddenly make her feel confined. I don't know if it will start to frustrate her or not once she's scooting and rolling about. Since she only wears it to sleep, I'm hopeful it won't much delay her crawling and rolling development, but, even if all goes perfectly, she'll be wearing it til 8 months, so fingers crossed it won't start to drive her nuts. The back is like a scooped out half plastic dish, so it keeps her pretty immobile. (Probably the opposite of my worries will happen and she'll get so used to sleeping with it that she won't be able to sleep without it once she's done :))

Shannon said...

Oh I love this! And I love the photos. I love that photo of you on your back with your two babies! So cute!

Shannon said...

Oh I love this! And I love the photos. I love that photo of you on your back with your two babies! So cute!

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