Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Oh, You Know, More . . . Little Things

There is something about a small person going about a task deliberately and with a serious sense of purpose – without being told to and without asking for direction – something about sensing how big what they are doing is to them, that is so utterly . . . I don’t even know. Dear? Touching? 

You all know what I mean. It’s what I peaked in on here: Goldie getting everything in perfect readiness for her first violin recital (double checking the dryness of the fingernails she’d painted to match her dress, making sure all was as it should be with her violin and bow).
IMG_8637_edited-2IMG_8642_edited-2I don’t understand exactly why those types of things make me want to cry. No. That’s not true. I do understand; just not . . . in words.

This moment (that was actually occurring at the very same time) was less tear-jerking. Just very happy. Sometimes (not always, but often enough)  Penny happily accepts the role of “ring leader” of her two younger brothers – leading them on hunting adventures in the backyard, delegating character parts for their make-believe, directing them in games, etc. On this particular occasion, she had Jesse happily making Lego creations which they would then film making ridiculous sounds and doing ridiculous things. Then, of course, they would watch their films and laugh and laugh over their cleverness.

Wait. Hold it. Let me get the two from my cell phone. (Yes. I had my camera and my phone handy. What of it?) I think these two might have turned out even a little cuter.
Photo Mar 14, 1 11 15 PMPhoto Mar 14, 1 12 02 PM

On Sunday, for a brief spell of time, it was utterly quiet in our home. I’m always a bit surprised that peaceful and calm moments do, occasionally, exist here; but, they do. Abe and Mike were both asleep in the living room. And, I was looking through the pictures I’d just taken of the others taking Tess (our dog), Summer, and the boys out for a walk. They were awfully cute heading off together. (So cute, in fact, that after a few moments of enjoying the silence, I threw on my flip flops and headed back out to find them again.) It’s so fun having older kids with younger kids.

The End.

Oh. Wait. How could I have said “the end” when there was THIS? Those last two pictures of my little chublet make me laugh and laugh. She’s clearly meditating in one. And . . . something else awesome in the other.


jami v. said...

love this. every. single. thing about this post.

Marilyn said...

Perfect Sunday walk. And Miss Summer is so darling! Malachi had cheeks like that and I didn't stop kissing them for two years straight. :)

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