Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October, Asthma, Handling It, And So Forth

Mike recently informed several of our kids that he was “raising crust eaters; not a bunch of sissies.”

Thank goodness.


We have ONE branch of fall leaves in our backyard. Just one. The rest of the tree is still totally green. (Shrug.)


I think I might have officially decided October is my favorite month. I could never quite admit it because, you know, December has Christmas music; but October . . . has leaves, and crisp air, and pumpkins, and a more pleasant and simple amount of holiday decorating required, . . . and the ANTICIPATION of Christmas music just around the corner!


This has been Jesse’s daily medicine requirements of late:

Photo Sep 26, 12 54 48 PM

The truths that there are much more difficult problems to face, and that we are incredibly blessed to live when we do – with access to what we have access to – make us grateful, but don’t necessarily delete the reality of the problem. I worry a great deal about his struggles to breathe normally; his swollen eyes and nasal passages; his scratched raw, and bleeding skin. I worry about my suitability as a mother to him – knowing other mothers might be much better at trying alternative treatments, implementing rigid diets, or eliminating allergens than I seem to have to wherewithal to be.


Though, perhaps I can take some small credit for encouraging confidence in himself and his abilities to cope. Only a little of course. It’s mostly  in himself, but I loved this recent conversation (held after one of two allergist appointments and between rounds of nebulizer treatments).

“Mom,” Jesse asked me. “Why am I allergic to so many things?”

“I don’t know, bud,” I sighed – feeling a bit discouraged myself. “It’s just one of your hard things in this life.”

“Yah,” he agreed; then added, solemnly and with conviction, “but I can handle it.”

Dear boy.

Photo Sep 19, 11 34 38 AMPhoto Sep 13, 12 01 58 PMPhoto Sep 13, 10 58 56 PMPhoto Sep 16, 4 23 45 PMPhoto Sep 22, 8 26 11 AM

I hope, in later years, and through different struggles, he’ll find encouragement in the words and certainty of his little five-year-old self.

But if a time ever comes when he doesn’t? I think we’ve all got his back (as evidenced by this conversation):

Jesse: “Mom, I’m a little bit scared because I think the doctor said something about . . . cutting . . . something.”
Me: “About cutting something? I don’t think so Jesse. There’s no reason they’d need to cut you.”
Penny (interrupting – loudly, protectively and indignantly): “Besides Jesse, I would rather have them cut me than you!”

Photo Sep 12, 9 11 34 PMPhoto Sep 14, 8 11 13 PM

Also . . . the little boys desperately need haircuts. And who knows, maybe we’ll give them to them someday.

Photo Sep 11, 11 43 13 AMPhoto Sep 25, 4 32 07 PMPhoto Sep 26, 8 58 34 AM

And . . . now I am rethinking my bold “October is my favorite month” statement from a moment ago. It just feels a bit disloyal . . . like I’ve hurt December’s feelings after all it’s given me of twinkly lights, and magic childhood memories, and Christmas trees. . . . So . . . I don’t know. I’m still not saying a favorite. I envy Mike the ease and confidence with which he can claim Thanksgiving to be his favorite holiday. He doesn’t seem to feel the slightest ounce of betrayal to the other holidays.


Linn said...

I seriously adore you.

Nancy said...

Hahah. Oh Linn, thank you. And I adore you. Though, at this very moment, my adoration feels kind of like . . . pain. I think I'm getting an ulcer. For reals. The end. Only not the end, because, while you are "here" I should tell you that despite envy being a vice and all that, I totally envied your Park City get-away. Good grief (as you would probably say), DREAMY!

Kara said...

December will be okay if you're friends with October. I speak from experience. Also, my husband has all three major: eczema, allergies, asthma-purple disk +inhaler, etc.c and has been allergic to many things since babehood. Myself, food/pollen allergies on and off throughout life, not major. At the beginning of Summer my throat started closing at random times, in random places. I think I may have finally figured out that milk/sugar/processed (chemicals) foods cause it to worsen. I've done some dr visits, too. Anyway, I've dabbled in vegetable juicing and tried a mixture that was heavy on fresh ginger root. Not kidding you, in less than two hours my horrible throat and difficulty swallowing was about 70% better than it had been in WEEKS. Ginger is a super food...anti viral, etc. I've used it before to help kick upper respiratory infections. I usually pair it with lemon, carrot, apple, celery, maybe beet and some greens like kale or spinach. All juiced and drunk right away. My kids also like it. Husband likes it. Surprised on both accounts. But the idea of living nutrients going right into the body and not eating the non-food foods in our world have really opened my eyes.

Long comment. Sorry. :)

Marilyn said...

I totally get the worry about if you should be doing some aggressive diet/alternative treatment plan or whatever. Like, at what point does "I'm pleasantly relaxed and laid-back about this trial and we're not going to let it dictate our whole lives" become "I'm not willing to disrupt my own comfort zone even though it would benefit my kids"??

Behold, I answer for you. You have not crossed that line. You are still in the "laid-back means less stress for everyone" camp. I, the all-seeing one, can tell. :) Seriously, I think that, though. His resilience and belief in himself proves it, and I do believe that a mother knows what's best for her family. And if/when the time comes you are supposed to change things, you'll know that too. I think it will all be okay. I really do.

Nancy said...

Ha! Kara! I love that Dec. will be OK if I'm friends with Oct. Thank you for easing my conscience! And I am certain that at some point I really will need to begin working more and more on getting healthy whole foods into our diet. I have no doubt it would benefit us -- and the ginger sounds awesome.

Marilyn, I could kiss you. Yes, that is EXACTLY my worry and question! How did you see it so clearly? Where is the balance between letting life be life -- letting my son run around and enjoy living like a child even when pollens outside might worsen his condition; or . . . I'm just being lazy because it is too hard to make drastic changes for one child when we have seven. Thank you for your wise all-seeing answer. I am going to take it . . . :) and trust that were actually inspired to say it . . . and trust that if the time comes that I need to try some more intense and difficult things I'll find the ability to do it. Thank you, friend!

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