Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Any of my little blog friends on Instagram? If so, let me know so I might find you there. I’m quite fond of the simplicity of it. I like seeing brief images of my friend’s lives without first weeding through all the extra stuff of Facebook. I use my cell phone to take pictures any time I’m feeling lazy or my dslr isn’t convenient. The wide-angle view from my phone isn’t great for many things, but it’s perfect for others – like capturing newborn babies on beds without standing on ladders! Anyway, Instagram has been a fun place for me to share my phone images.

Recent shots with the old phoney-phone-phone:

Photo Oct 02, 7 44 21 AMPhoto Oct 02, 7 55 44 PMPhoto Oct 03, 5 29 05 PMPhoto Oct 04, 5 34 18 PMPhoto Oct 07, 4 07 20 PMPhoto Oct 07, 4 45 58 PMPhoto Oct 09, 8 26 47 AMPhoto Oct 09, 8 27 28 AMPhoto Oct 08, 4 11 32 PMPhoto Oct 07, 11 45 01 AMPhoto Oct 11, 7 59 30 PMPhoto Oct 04, 10 56 49 AM (1)Photo Oct 05, 12 46 19 PMPhoto Oct 04, 10 56 52 AM (1)Photo Oct 17, 2 48 47 PMPhoto Oct 10, 8 08 15 AMPhoto Oct 11, 12 01 39 PMPhoto Oct 19, 3 23 17 PMPhoto Oct 20, 4 39 14 PMPhoto Oct 20, 12 19 26 PMPhoto Oct 12, 12 49 11 PMPhoto Oct 13, 5 48 44 PM (3)Photo Oct 13, 5 49 23 PMPhoto Oct 13, 5 49 38 PMPhoto Oct 13, 5 49 41 PMPhoto Oct 13, 5 49 39 PMPhoto Oct 18, 5 03 03 PMPhoto Oct 21, 1 54 03 PMPhoto Oct 21, 1 44 40 PMPhoto Oct 21, 8 51 08 AM (1)Photo Oct 21, 11 59 48 AM

If you are the skimming kind, you are done with this post. If you are the detail seeker, well, here are a few “I spy”s for you:

-- Daisy’s “special day” to the ceramic-painting place last month was such a hit that Goldie chose it for hers this month.
-- Also . . . I came home one day to discover Goldie had made a vegetable person. I have no idea how my girls know how to do things like this . . .
-- People have a little trouble distinguishing baby gender without loads of hair, I’ve discovered. Pink bows, pink blankets and heart bracelets do little to help. I don’t mind really. I’m probably just as clueless (though I’m clever enough to make plenty of small talk -- “Cute baby! What’s your little ones name?” – while still managing to leave gender totally out of it). Still, I had to laugh when Mike suggested I make it easy by writing “girl” on her forehead. Haha. I love my Summer-girl!
-- A 5:00 pm trip to Wal-Mart . . . which is bad . . . to get ingredients for a family-night treat . . . which is worth it.
-- We’ve had our first Halloween party of the year. Costuming and de-costuming happens on repeat, it seams, for the last week or two of October.
-- Daisy has been giving Penny piano lessons. Kind of cool.
-- Goldie insists on saying goodbye as formally as possible to everyone as they leave in the morning. She stumbles out of bed in the darkness when she hears Abe and Daisy open the door to catch the early bus to Jr. High, and she insists I stop doing her hair mid-ponytail if Mike is leaving because she must wave goodbye as he drives off. Most mornings Penny joins her in the send-off.
-- And . . . on a return from a run, I was yelled at by a bunch of small swing-set hecklers. Typical.


Marilyn said...

Nobody ever knows if my babies are boys are girls because they are so bald for so long. When someone gets it wrong I usually feel MORE embarrassed than they do about it (story of my life). One time I actually told a lady who admired my "lovely little girl" (Abraham) and then asked "what is her name?"---I said "her" name was "Abby" because I just couldn't face telling her it was a boy at that point. :) I think writing "girl" on the head is actually quite brilliant!

I'm not on instagram, but I hear it's great, so I suppose one of these days I really ought to try it out!

Nancy said...

Hahaha. I giggle every time I think of your quick thinking, and far-too-generous attempt to spare feelings. Abby. That was good. That is always exactly what happens! "Cute little fella," they say. And I smile and thank them and hope they don't suddenly notice the pink jambes. "How old is he?" they go on. And I tell them and hope it stops there so we can all leave happily. But then . . . "What's his name?" And I stumblingly spill out, "Daisy." or "Penny" or "Summer" or "Goldie". And then we awkwardly part ways -- each of us pretending nobody ever said "he" and both of us knowing they did. Hahaah. Oh it makes me chuckle.

jami said...

haha! i love the "girl" on her forehead. lexie was bald until she was two. i totally should have done this. would have saved a lot of awkward moments (for others :)) ... and by the way, i love every single one of those shots! :) (and now i'm off to look you up on instagram :))

Nancy said...

Ah Jami, I miss you. And yes, it just becomes awkward for others . . . which is awkward for me. Are you on instagram then? I don't know what to search for you under. Find me! And now I'll go check your blog as it seems like a comment from you sometimes means you've been back doing a little blogging yourself!

Marilyn said...

I really should have your email address, because I have many things I want to ask you . . . including the details of that experience you mentioned in your comment on my blog! And I also want to talk about names with you. Can you email me, sometime, and tell me what your email is? I'm at gmail, prefix marilyn.nielson.

Gayle Harris said...

Loved all the pictures, as usual, and also your wonderful commentary!!

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