Friday, August 22, 2014

Later, summer time.


These swinging pictures of Goldie were taken several days ago and then left on my camera – forgotten (as so many things are amidst the wildness of these “we have a new baby in the house” days).

However, when I finally scrolled through my camera roll yesterday (two days into a new school year and with rain clouds filling up our skies), they seemed to be the perfect tribute to the end of summer.

“It’s been real, summer. Nice hanging out with you. You brought plenty of fun and adventure our way.

And a new baby – who we went ahead and named right after your cheery, bright, little self.

We won’t say goodbye forever of course. Nothing that drastic. But, you seem to be coming to an end, so we’ll just . . . catch you next time around? Sounds good. Later, summer.”

Of course, I’ve been speaking solely to summer the season.

Summer the girl?

Well, she’s not going anywhere. She’ll stay and be our bright little reminder of summer-time throughout the year. Hmm. I like that. I hope she’ll always be one that reminds us of happiness and brightness and good things to keep hoping and waiting for no matter what cold-wintery seasons we pass through. I think she will.

Unrelated: Mike snapped a few pictures of me on Sunday. I feel . . . how you feel when you have just had a baby. Not my best. Not brimming with confidence. But Mike is only ever full of compliments. I love him for that . . . even if I don’t quite believe him enough to not have cropped most of these. Winking smile


Shannon said...

Oh what great pics! And to have only let them age on the camera for a few days? Today I realized my photo card is FULL. Ugh. You look stunning in the photos Mike took!!!

Kara said...

Pretty!!!!!!!! It's always nice to have a pretty shot of one's self. Even if they're cropped. ;)

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