Friday, August 22, 2014

Cell Phone . . .

With even the tiny bit of time needed to come upstairs and load photos to the computer being, currently, hard to come by, I have been so grateful for easily accessible cell phones with decent cameras, quick little editing apps, and the wonder that is Dropbox! It’s far from my preferred photography method, but I’m learning to get the most out of it:
Photo Aug 14, 5 20 59 PMPhoto Aug 14, 10 03 50 PMPhoto Aug 18, 3 25 03 PM (1)Photo Aug 20, 10 00 39 AMPhoto Aug 21, 10 00 54 AMPhoto Aug 17, 2 08 40 PMPhoto Aug 15, 8 48 31 PMPhoto Aug 18, 10 15 59 AMPhoto Aug 16, 10 27 40 PMPhoto Aug 21, 9 44 43 AMPhoto Aug 13, 8 50 10 PMPhoto Aug 14, 6 44 13 PMPhoto Aug 14, 10 04 03 PMPhoto Aug 15, 8 51 55 AM (1)Photo Aug 15, 8 51 55 AMPhoto Aug 15, 8 52 03 AMPhoto Aug 15, 11 15 36 AMPhoto Aug 18, 8 43 01 PMPhoto Aug 18, 10 03 52 AMPhoto Aug 18, 8 34 01 PMPhoto Aug 18, 10 04 40 AMPhoto Aug 19, 5 38 13 PMPhoto Aug 19, 5 42 18 PMPhoto Aug 18, 10 16 46 AMPhoto Aug 19, 12 26 38 PMPhoto Aug 20, 7 09 14 PM (1)Photo Aug 21, 9 59 14 AMPhoto Aug 21, 10 00 20 AMPhoto Aug 21, 10 00 57 AMPhoto Aug 21, 10 03 55 AM

-- I really do vacuum and hold Summer (and, apparently, take photos) at the same time.
-- Headlamps for little night-readers? The best.
-- I spy “the fencer’s pose”. On guard!
-- Check out photo #5. We had to pick up a sick Daisy at the Jr. High. When we got home, Jesse exclaimed that he’d left a toy car behind. That photo is how we discovered exactly where he’d left it.
-- Yah that’s a big chunk of cheese Abe’s eating. We were low on groceries. That was his lovely lunch.


Shannon said...

I love that first photo! And what is on the website at the Jr high? And you wish And was eating cheese. I know it's butter.

Nancy said...

Ha! Nothing on the website, Shan. Just look at the fifth picture where Jesse is walking along a bench next to a window. That was at the Jr. High while we were waiting for Daisy to get something from her locker. When we got home, Jesse started crying that he'd left his car. I didn't even know he'd brought it, but as I looked at the pictures I'd snapped while waiting, sure enough, there it is on that bench he's walking on.

Mr.Mrs.Pack. said...

Oh my goodness, I saw the photo with the vacuum and had to pause. . .Wait, she's holding a baby, vacuuming and taking a picture on top of that? Yep, definitely Super mom! And not to mention that it's been a month and I am JUST getting around to writing about Clara's birth and I click on your blog and see that you've already written a dozen posts since Summer's birth! Proving once again that you are Super mom! If you can keep up with 7 then I'll try not to complain about keeping up with 2!

Nancy said...

Haha! Lond, you're the sweetest. Trust me, if blogging was more of a chore for me, there would be zero posts. Writing and taking pictures is a sanity saver like running for me. In fact, you can probably tell when life is stressful for me by how much I release into writing blog posts! And . . . most of it is done one handed when I'm nursing Summer. I'm sure you know all too well that there are million of those moments each day!

I am excited to hear Clara's birth story as well as how you are doing though! Two is so hard because there is nobody to help or even entertain whichever child you aren't helping at the moment! Hope you are managing! Love you!

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