Monday, July 7, 2014



Yah. I made them scrub our bar stools. You wouldn’t believe the amount of little, white, milk splatters on those stool legs.

And, doesn’t Daisy look lovely?

And she’s useful to boot! Really though. She makes the birthday cakes for our family now (and, you know, birthdays happen A LOT around here), and she helps me figure out computer things that confuse me, and she figures out things like . . . how to make pajamas as a birthday present for Goldie -- with not so much as a speck of assistance from me (and little more than a few bits of sewing “learnin’” from her few times sewing with her Great Aunt Leisa and her Grandma Sharon).
IMG_6088_edited-1IMG_6122_edited-1IMG_6124_edited-1IMG_6052_edited-1IMG_6085_edited-1(OK, so she did buy the white T-shirt, but she sewed the bottoms all on her own and added the matching heart on the shirt. Clever girl.)

Also, if Mike had wanted me to agree to marrying him any sooner than I did, he should have known to pull out his fiddle sooner. I mean . . . really. I love that my strapping, rugged looking husband can just up and fiddle.

And, Bear Lake miscellany:
IMG_6113_edited-1IMG_6133_edited-1IMG_6150_edited-1IMG_6128_edited-1IMG_6166_edited-1IMG_6167_edited-1IMG_6170_edited-1IMG_6107_edited-1IMG_6184_edited-1IMG_6185_edited-1IMG_6125_edited-1 (Who on earth could all those blonde kids belong to??)

And . . . some miscellaneous . . . miscellany. (Huh?)

That Costco, pink, Hello-Kitty nightgown was a couple dollars well spent. It’s basically like a princess dress that she gets to sleep in . . . and wear every other chance she gets.

The End.

Nope. Wait. A few cell phone shots . . . including me at Bear Lake this weekend looking pretty close to “full term”. 37 weeks tomorrow!
Photo Jul 04, 5 19 10 PMPhoto Jul 04, 11 01 16 AMPhoto Jul 05, 4 16 54 PMPhoto Jul 05, 4 33 18 PMPhoto Jul 05, 4 59 28 PMPhoto Jul 05, 6 53 09 PMPhoto Jul 05, 9 21 23 PMPhoto Jul 06, 5 24 09 PMPhoto Jul 05, 9 22 04 PMPhoto Jul 08, 12 49 51 PMPhoto Jul 08, 12 50 55 PMPhoto Jul 08, 12 52 23 PM

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