Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Darth Vader and Shelling Peas

A gallon-sized bag of freshly picked peas is sitting on our kitchen table. Anders is pulling a few out and rather awkwardly breaking them open to get to the round little pods inside.

“Can I have some of these peas for my friends?” he asks me.

He’s only two. I didn’t know he had a lot of friends. Still, never one to dissuade someone from a friendly desire to share healthy snacks, I answer, “Sure.” And then, curiously, “What are your friends’ names?”

“My friend’s name is Darth Vader,” he responds casually.

I’m about to express concern over this choice of pals when Mike comes along and says, “Huh. Somehow I’ve never really pictured Darth Vader sitting around a table shelling peas.”

And suddenly I realize that, perhaps, I’ve been a bit hasty in judgment. Surely someone who enjoys garden fresh peas can’t be wholly void of goodness.

But if Anders tells me his other friend is Skeletor, so help me . . .
Photo Jul 09, 12 42 06 PMPhoto Jul 09, 12 42 44 PM (1)Photo Jul 09, 12 51 34 PM

Also . . . someday, I’ll come to do dishes and just . . . not find things like this, I guess? Huh. That’ll be weird.
Photo Jul 09, 1 22 07 PM

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Gayle Harris said...

Sweet, sweet Anders!

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