Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Solar System Making

Praise be! Unlike Abe’s assigned solar-system model last year, Daisy’s only required planets done to scale. Nobody cared a lick about scaling distance. Nobody worried at all about the sun being GIGANTIC.

Easy peasy.

Well . . . mostly easy. Those inner planets are still awfully puny. She lost Mars and Mercury both during her model making.

But in the end, they were found and/or remade and we were all perfectly happy.

(That’s not totally true. I still haven’t come to terms completely – or at all really – with Pluto and his lost planet status.)


Angela Noelle of SK said...

Poor Pluto. Hahaha. I hear ya.

Soooo...your comment came up "no-reply" so I had to scuttle over. I LOVE THAT YOU'VE READ THE LUNAR CHRONICLES! I didn't like Captain Thorn in the earlier books! I found him corny and irritating. Only towards the end of Book 2 did I begin to warm...but in Cress, I was completely taken with him -- SO likeable. YOU?

Mike said...

Ah yes. Old Thorny. I should have guessed. He was just kind of a flighty full-of-himself sort in book two wasn't he. But he totally showed serious mettle in book 3. I'm kind of sad I've read them already. I have a terribly memory and will likely have forgotten everything significant by the time the next book is out :(. Of course, that can't nearly be as bad as reading The Way of Kings 1000 pages only to discover it was the first, and only written so far in a slated like 20 book series. Good grief.

Mike said...

Oh dear. You can see I have "sign in" issues. The no-reply thing on yours, and now, commenting signed in as my husband on my own post. Sigh. "Mike" was actually me -- Nancy. ;)

Shannon said...

What is a dwarf planet anyways?

Nancy said...

I don't know for sure, Shan, but I think it's probably kind of like getting a "participation" award.

Marilyn said...

Amen, sister.

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