Saturday, March 8, 2014

Living Life (even with its little troubles . . . or lack thereof)

Sometimes even when life is full of troubles -- lungs that rarely function as lungs should, skin covered from head to toe in eczema, and eyes perpetually swollen from allergies – it can still seem rather glorious what with its wonders to be explored and adventures to be lived.IMG_4067_edited-1IMG_4069_edited-1IMG_4070_edited-1IMG_4077_edited-1IMG_4084_edited-1

Other times . . . you can seemingly not have a trouble in the world . . . and life can still be altogether too too much.

Haha. Poor boy. This picture makes me want to cry and burst out laughing all at once. He hadn’t been on a swing in months. I guess I misjudged the amount of “push” he was ready for.

I made it up to him though. We had a big hug, left that horrid swing behind, and went to try on Abe’s shoes while we waited for the girls to arrive home from school.
IMG_4091_edited-1IMG_4096_edited-1IMG_4099_edited-1IMG_4100_edited-3IMG_4102_edited-1(I don’t know what that expression in the photo above means . . . nor do I know how the girls dared enter the house with him making it!)


And then, because its questionable, really, if this weather is truly spring or not, we had some hot cocoa.

The End.


Shannon said...

Oh I love those boys so so much. Thank goodness Anders will have a baby sister soon for when Jesse goes off to school.

Nancy said...


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