Saturday, April 20, 2013

This Girl

She keeps trying to grow older.

Every spring she insists she’s added another year.

Of course it’s all nonsense. She’s just a little girl; just like she’s always been.

But, we humor her. We make a cake, and sing Happy Birthday, and give her presents.
Hello Mystery Date! Mike finds the coolest gifts. Such a bummer when you are all dressed in your evening gown only to have your date show up in his bowling attire. (Imagine!) . . . Of course, even that is preferable to the misery of the DUD showing up on your doorstep! . . . I have no idea what attitudes this game might be teaching them, but no matter. It’s fun . . . and it’s cool because, you know, it’s retro.

Here our little spring-time girl is with her sisters a few days after Easter (when I forced them back into their Easter dresses to make up for a lack of picture-taking time on the actual holiday).
Wait a minute. Those last two pictures are not the birthday girl. Somehow Goldie snuck in.

When we returned from taking pictures, Mike and the boys were in the backyard weeding.

Our backyard terrifies me in the early spring with its screams for attention.

Anders was among the weeders, but I don’t know that we can technically call what he was doing “yard work”. We might better call it “breaking side-walk chalk and throwing it to the chickens to eat.” Yes. That might be a better thing to call it.

And, back to the birthday, a glimpse at a few members of the audience during Daisy’s present opening.


Perla said...

That crazy Daisy! She and Grace are all like, "i'm going to be 11 now and then next i'm going to young women's. Then i'm going to college and getting married." Oh ho ho. Those silly girls!
Amazing Photos! But one question...what is happening with the chicken on the right in that first pic where Anders is feeding them chalk? I see a normal one...then on the right...I can't figure it out but it looks like the world's fattest, scariest foul.

Rhonda said...

How do you do it Nancy? Every time you post I think it must be my favorite post ever. And then you go and post again and I think “No, THIS must be my very favorite post!” I guess I just can't pick favorites. I am loving every bit of your posts! And your pictures are so dreamy and perfect. I am amazed at your ability to capture your kids and make the every day stuff look so beautiful. You are one talented lady!

Nancy said...

Rhonda, thank you. That was one of the best compliments I've received.

And Shan, . . . hahah. Well, the chicken by Anders is a very small variety, and, the gray one you are speaking of is a very large variety of hen, but, perhaps not quite so terrifyingly large as she appears in this picture (where it looks like she is not far off from Anders in size).

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