Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Three Sons

Ooh. Is that a chicken?

Come here little chicken, I’ve got a tasty treat in my hand.

Ha! You fell for the oldest trick in the book! Now I’m going to grab you by the scruff of your neck!

Never mind the chickens. I’m going to drive some little cars. And eat strawberries . . . though, if you don’t mind, I’ll just call them “apples”.

And you, kid, what are you doing just lounging about on the hammock. Aren’t there better things to be doing?

Ah yes, the grill could use a little tuning up.

And last of all: I wish the making of a model of our solar system – with both planet size and distance from the sun done to scale – on none of you. We only made an “edge” of the sun. Leave us alone. By the time we’d figured a reasonable scale for everything else, we realized the sun would be about as big as our house. Well. That was an exaggeration. Still. The edge of the sun . . . a very small edge . . . was a great solution.

Wait. Was this post about three sons? Well, never mind that. Here are two of the three daughters:

I love this Penny trampoline picture.

And Goldie on the 4-wheeler. Don’t get up in arms. We are very serious helmet wearers in our family. Heaven knows how she got away with this. I think I just got busy trying to pan for a minute. I’d like to get better at panning pictures.


Perla said...

Nice panning. I love your kids. I wish Jesse would come fix some stuff at my house.

Michele Johnson said...

You are amazing with that camera of yours! I have a point-and-shoot" and it terrifies me to even scroll through the menu.

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