Saturday, March 16, 2013

Weather. Just like . . . life?

One minute I am complaining and crying that winter will last until . . . forever.

Then, suddenly, it’s near 70 – kids are running around outside, and wearing shorts, and . . . running around outside some more.

It’s just like life, isn’t it. Just when you think things can’t get any worse, they do.

Oh. Oops. Wait. No. That was not what I meant to say. That is not what it is like. Let’s see: winter never ending . . . suddenly it’s spring . . .

Oh! Yes. Just like life – just when everything seems dreary, impossible and hopeless; suddenly – spring!

Enough. I’m pretending. No metaphor-like thoughts are floating through my head at all. I just wanted to post some cute pictures of Goldie climbing our fence and playing on our swing-set yesterday.

This was the real depth of my thoughts: We had several perfectly perfect days this week. They won’t stay. Not yet. But while they were here, everyone – excited by the novelty of warm weather -- spent every possible moment of every day outside.

That was it.

And then I had some pictures. IMG_5019_edited-1

I don’t know a thing about comparing life to weather.

I was just being fancy.

Now. More of Goldie enjoying a spring day:IMG_5051_edited-1IMG_5028_edited-1IMG_5034_edited-1IMG_5077_edited-1IMG_5053_edited-1

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Perla said...

So glad you finally got some lovely weather! We just spent a week on the beach in fort Morgan Al. What do you think of that? It was much colder than it should have been but still very fun and lovely.

Gayle Harris said...

Goldie is such a cutie! What great pictures.

Andrea said...

Ha! I love that you admitted that you just wanted to post some cute pictures, and that's it. The blog world could use some more of that kind of honesty. :D

Nancy said...

Heehee. Thanks, Andrea. I was just rambling trying to think of some way to post those pics . . . then I was like, "For crying out loud. Stop. Just post the pictures already!" :)

Val said...

Ah Nancy, there is beauty all around you! :)

Gracie J said...

I adore that Goldums and am happy to see sweet pictures of her. She is getting so grown-up! It makes me sad to think that it was like one day ago that I came to visit you in the hospital after you had her. Your blog always makes me smile.

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