Monday, December 3, 2012

Reindeer and Labradors

Saturday we walked across the street to our city park to catch a glimpse of “Santa’s Reindeer”.

Abe and I both tried to stay home and happily be party-poopers (I’ve admitted often to being perfectly content partyless), but Mike seemed to think it was the type of activity we ought to all be a part of. You know – Christmas and family and reindeer – all happily together.

So, all eight of us made our way over, inviting our neighbors as we went (who hadn’t lived here long enough yet to know that Santa’s reindeer enjoy spending their time away from the North Pole in a small cage outside our city offices).

And the deer did turn out alright I suppose;

though I tend to imagine them in my mind much taller and much more . . . intimidating and impressive. And I’m not sure what Penny made of them. Is this a face that speaks disappointment? Concern? Is it, perhaps, the beginning scene of a Free Willy type movie with a Christmas twist? Free Blitzen? Is that what she is about? Freeing Blitzen?

But, in the end, it wouldn’t have mattered how the reindeer turned out because, as we walked back home, we spotted a dog driving a car. And THAT was a huge enough hit with the family that it could have made up for any number of other failures or disappointments.

And. Oh wait. Is it 11:30? Oh dear. Well, “and” nothing then. I was determined to go to bed nice and early tonight. I kind of thought I was because I am, in fact, in bed, but, accidentally, instead of sleeping, I have been typing about flying reindeer and driving dogs. Darn. I hate when I trick myself. Plus, I just remembered that maybe there already really has been a Free Willy Christmas type movie. Prancer? Does that sound familiar to anyone? Of course there was probably no dog driving a get-a-away car for the reindeer in that one. Hmm. Well. Enough of this nonsense then. Off to bed with all of you. And all of me.


Wait. Is that one word? Goodnight? Good night? . . . Good . . . riddance? Oh good grief.


Jaymerz said...

I giggled through this entire post. I say set that poor reindeer free, I bet the driving dog would totally be on board with the entire operation!!

Shannon said...

I would like to know what Penny is thinking! That is a pretty sweet dog driving that jeep. Nice. I thought there was snow. Did it melt? I hope it snows. Oh wait. We have to drive for days and days to get to you. Maybe it could snow ALL day on Christmas Eve!!! Love you!

Nancy said...

Shan, the snow was all up at Bear Lake (we went there right after Thanksgiving). Here it is actually rather ridiculously warm. It's been in the 50s all week. But yes, snow for all of Christmas break. After you arrive safely here of course.

Marnie said...

My favorite part was Jesse ready with his camera.

jami said...

i can just see her sneaking over to open the gate and let those poor reindeer go. :)

so-we have been computer-less for oh too long, and while i haven't mustered up the strength to update my own blog, it is so nice to come and read up on all the nancy-ness going on with you and yours. love your posts. love your writing. love your pictures. love catching up.

Nancy said...

Thanks Jami! And yes, please a little update!! I want to know how your TX life is now that you have really been there awhile!

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