Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Chicken in the . . . Window

Very often, when things are crazy around here -- dinner getting made, someone needing help with a homework assignment, someone else needing picked up from piano, all with Anders crying at my feet for attention -- I find myself saying, "Can someone please take Anders outside to see a chicken?"

It usually seems to do the trick.

Lately, however, Anders hasn’t needed to be taken anywhere to see a chicken. Every time Mike lets those hens out of their pen of late, they gather, somewhat to my alarm, on our back little deck.

They fluff their feathers and preen a bit. They stare inside – watching me go about my business. Judging? Begging? One can’t be sure with those unrevealing beady black eyes. I have to shuffle them all aside every time I need to get out into the backyard. They cluck and flap and protest, then, like a cloud of kicked up dust, slowly resettle.

Anders loves it when they are there. So much so, that if it weren’t for the disagreeable stuff they leave behind, I might almost grow to love it myself.


Perla said...

Oh for goodness sakes! How cute! I love it. Except for the chicken poop. But I would sure love something to distract Lila for me that is not destructive or messy. But then again...they are messy to the deck so I guess there is just no entertaining a baby on their own with out clean up required. Luckily these babies are so cute! I love Anders hair.

valerie said...

Hi Nancy! I just had a look at your blog via a comment you left for Kelle Hampton. I loved the things you said in that comment and thought I'd check on YOUR blog! Well you do have gorgeous pictures of gorgeous kiddos too, and you do sound like an open-minded, tolerant kinda girl too :)

Mr.Mrs.Pack. said...

That is just lovely lol! I love that he hasn't gotten bored of them yet and that he can just look out the window and be completely entertained. Do you guys have any other animals?

Nancy said...

Lond, just the chickens. No wait, that is not technically true. Goldie would be furious if she knew I forgot to include Jumpy (her guinea pig). Mike would of course love if we had every farm animal, but since we live in a normal house and neighborhood, it is already ridiculous we even have the chickens!

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